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Why so few covers? I'm planning on using prefolds as well, and I think I have about that many covers, but I was thinking I need more. How often a day do you change the cover then?

I'm not sure how many covers you have, but we used Thirsties Duo Wraps and had about 3 of each size (size 1 and 2) plus a couple extra newborn covers. In my opinion, newborn is the only stage where you really kind of need to have some extras on hand, because if you have a blowout and poop gets on the lining of the leg holes, then it's out of commission until it's washed. Once the baby is big enough that blowouts are uncommon (after a couple months), then the only issue is that there is a small non-waterproof piece of fabric on the inside that might start to smell like urine if it gets drenched enough. What we did was always have 2 covers we were using and then just alternate, so one could be airing out and drying if necessary while the other one was in use. Then at the next diaper change, we would just switch. We frequently only used those 2 covers and did laundry every 4 or 5 days. We had an extra one just in case, that I would rotate in so they all got the same use, but we definitely got away with 3 at any given time (except the first month or so). We had so many blowouts the first couple weeks and the covers were expensive enough, that I actually bought a pack of those cheap old-fashioned rubber pants for emergency purposes.

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I'll second (third?) the recommendation for flats for a nb.  I used cheap gerber flats, old t-shirts I cut up, and extra receiving blankets.  If you've been given a whole pile of receiving blankets, you can use some as flats.  IME, if you use pins, they will wear holes in the blankets, but if you will just be using them until the prefolds fit and don't plan to use them for another kid, it won't be a big deal.

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I have tried about 5 different covers over my CD career (DD is 2.5) and Flip covers with snaps are my favorite. They have 2 vertical snaps for each tab, which makes it fit flatter on her belly, less like a single tight band around it. Velcro wears out fast, and sticks to everything in the wash, but wouldn't be a bad idea if it only had to last for 1 baby.
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I like Thirsties for covers, Nicki's Diapers for prefolds. The latter is the cheapest I've found, AND they're organic!

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Bummis pull up covers rock. $6.50 a piece! Love em.
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I like proraps.  The Velcro is good and long-lasting.  I used the newborn size for 3 kids.  After the newborn period, you could go to a one-size.  Econobum covers go on sale for as low as $5 at Cottonbabies.  It's not my favorite cover, (I prefer something with gussets at the legs), but it's what we're using now and works just fine.  Some babies (my first) are especially good at getting out of covers.  At about 18 mos, when I put her to bed she would undress herself, even getting out of covers snapped in the back.

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The newborn size prefolds come in handy as doublers and wipes later on, so if you're not on a super-tight budget, I'd go ahead and get them. Otherwise, you can make do with the yellow-edge.
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