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Healing Tooth Decay & Vegetarianism

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I've been looking into other options for our teeth-both of my kids have had multiple cavities, but my daughter was able to sit and just get nitrous to fill hers.  My son is 3-1/2 now and still wasn't able to sit long enough, and they are really pushing putting him under general to do it.  I thought I'd take one more go at stalling this and was doing research for supplements/diet changes, etc. 


Problem is, all of the foods I keep reading not to eat are pretty main parts of our diet (nuts, beans, oatmeal, etc.) And while I am okay with giving non-vegetarian supplements (cod liver oil, etc) I don't love the idea of switching to a meat based diet entirely, but would need to if I cut out beans and nuts.  The kids do eat some meat, and I occasionally eat seafood, but it is pretty rare.  I really just don't like meat and am pretty squeamish about raw meat, though of course I would deal with it if it is for their health. 


Frankly, however, I can't really afford a meat based diet, or really all the supplements recommended either :( 


Any thoughts/advice?  I am really opposed to putting him under general, especially since our family doc and another (pretty crunch) dentist said there was really no need to fill baby teeth unless he was in pain. 


For what it's worth, the kids' dad and I are not together ( I have primary custody, but we have shared legal).  At this point, he does not want to put him under general, but if he changes his mind at some point, it would look fairly bad for me to refuse him needed medical treatment, so that is a bit of an issue for me to keep in mind long term.

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I think you could make some improvements before going to a meat based diet.  You could look into preparing your grains by sprouting or soaking.  The same goes for beans.  If you can incorporate some seafood that would be helpful too.  Supplements may be necessary such as cod liver oil and b12.  Pastured eggs, butter and raw grass fed milk are high in vitamins to heal teeth.  Oil pulling is also a great way  to improve dental health.  I have been suffering from really sensitive teeth and don't like to eat a ton of meat so this is what I do.  My teeth are becoming stronger and less sensitive.  A new toothpaste may also be helpful.  Here are a few links that may be helpful for you.  Good luck!


Toothpaste recipe:








Grain free and other sprouted grains Vegetarian Recipes:



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