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Best Wrap for a Newborn?

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Tryng to decide whether to get a stretchy wrap or splurge for a woven??  I have a gauze wrap, but want something a little more supportive for when he is itty bitty.........what do you think??? :love

If you prefer a stretchy wrap...what kind?  So many more choices now then when my youngest was a baby, lol!! Thanks!!

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I would suggest just getting a woven unless you know you hate wrapping after a certain age/weight. My go to was a ring sling with my daughter because I felt I couldn't ever get the moby wrap tight enough. I recently got a woven (in prep for this baby) so we'll see how it goes with wrapping now that I know more about it. I am woried that I'll be too impatient to wrap and just use other carriers past a certain age but at least with a woven there's a better resale value!

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I love wrapping.  I used to just leave the wrap on, wrapped, and pop baby in when I needed to....or wrap before I left the house so that when I got somewhere, it was all ready to go :)

I think I may just go with a woven...plus the stretchy wraps seem like they would be hot (I live in the sub-tropics :))

Thanks for the reply!

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Can anyone recommend a specific woven wrap?
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This time, friends gave me two wraps. I have a moby and a woven wrap from Germany. I am not sure which brand. It is very similar to the Didymos, which is the only woven wrap I have ever used. So I have no experience using either of these yet. IN the past, I used a Didymos on my baby in August and September. It was too hot for it... too hot for any wrap, IMO. And this was Northern CA. I found I much preferred a pocket sling and then a back carrier like the mei tai. Eventually they came out with the Ergo. 


This is my first cool weather baby, though, so I may get some use out of these wraps! I like the idea of the Moby but I have heard again and again they stop working after the baby is bigger because they stretch too much, get loose with heavier weights. I don't know how much of this is true and how much of it is 'I don't want to carry my heavy baby anymore', but it makes a bit of sense. This would put an advantage on the side of a woven wrap. My babies tend to get big fast and I need something that will work for them in the long run. I also have an Ergo, which is a carrier I have used with all 4 of mine and will use again this time . Especially good for heavier and older kids. I even carry my 5yo in it, even now while I am pregnant. 


It's hard for me to practice with the wraps because my belly is so big. So we'll see when baby comes. 

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I tried the Moby with two babies. It was ok. I didn't care for it as much. I had a linen RS with the last, I preferred that much more. This time, I was gifted a woven girasol RS conversion. I played with it a bit with my 2 year old and LOVE it.

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I love the Moby for the newborn phase. They are so snuggly right there on the chest! I even learned a wrap that holds them there while nursing which really came in handy, as I had a needy older DS at the time. It is true that they aren't made for heavier weights, but after 3 months or so, they're out of the "fourth trimester" and many of the other carriers work then, like Ergo and Mei Tai. I never had a woven wrap--I would love to try one but already have enough carriers as it is smile.gif.
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I loved my moby durning the first 3 months then I move to a ergo type carrier my favorite brand is Boba
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Does anyone have any experience with a NuRoo pocket shirt? 

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I just discovered that Baby Wearing International had local groups and some of those have lending libraries. Here in metro Atlanta there are 3 chapters with interlocking libraries. It's 30 dollars a month and you can check out carriers to try before you buy! I haven't joined but I may. If you don't want to rent carriers then attendance at the gatherings is free from what I overheard :-D
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I like the Moby when they are super small. It's soft and stretchy... and they aren't too expensive. You might even find one used for around $25. :)

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@crossfitmom my first woven was a used girasol diamond weave rainbow and it is SOOOOOOO soft! I am def looking forward to wrapping this new babe in it!


I also ended up getting a new  Kokadi scales and it is so rough! I have been trying to break it in but i honestly don't think it will be squishy enough to wrap a newborn in by March. So it really depends! I would suggest getting a used wrap that's already broken in for sure but as for the type of fabric, I think it just depends more on preference. mine are both cotton and still extremely different. As for the length, a 5 is a good start because you can pretty much try any carry with that length. it seems after people get used to wrapping they discover what length and which carries they prefer. I didn't wrap with my first (used a ring sling and then a Boba) so we'll see about this time. I still have both my RS and Boba so I know if wrapping doesn't work out for us I'll just sell the wraps and I have dependable backups.

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Also, def check to see if your area has a babywearing group and lending library as suggested above! ours doesn't have a monthly fee. people just put down a refundable deposit when they borrow a carrier. It is SO much better to try out carriers before buying!

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@Sweetsummer, @Tabitha  


Thanks for the tips!

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I got a wrapsody hybrid stretch wrap this time for the young baby phase and want a mei tai for when she is older....though the Zara wraps call my name seriously hard. I'm to.much of a tight wad to want to spend that much money
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ohhhh, I just found Natibaby wraps, and seriously am in love :love but so super pricey.

I was looking at the wrapsody hybrid stretch, as well....they look so nice!  I think I am going to forgo the stretch wraps and get a nice used woven....I *think.* lol!! I have a few ring slings and my old hemp pouch that I can use, as well :)

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The hybrid is really ok not barely stretchy. I don't think I'll need a heavier wrap for quite some time. smile.gif

If I could find a linen woven that wasn't a bazillion dollars even used...if have one of those as well though lol
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I was doing some searching yesterday and found out about the LIttle Frog wrap......its a woven for under $100 and gets really good reviews....There is one that I must have, so that is what I will find used, hopefully!!  :Sheepish

Also a great group on Facebook where all the carriers are under $100 - it's called Babywearing on a Budget :)

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Yeah. That's a great group wink1.gif
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