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Oxford - I had the same yesterday lol! I have heard that it can be a good pg sign - especially if like you it's not a normal thing... I remember I had it back in April when i had what probably was a chem or early loss... This is getting exciting - I'm so hopeful for you! (Lol me too of course)
Testing I'm the same as you, part of me is like - what if you found out now (bfp) and could relax, the other is you know it'll be one line so save the stress lol

Wengrin - congrats in the teams win! That sounds like the sort of cool family get together is love smile.gif I remember mum waking us up at about 5 am to watch New Zealand win the Americas cup the first time, and to watch toe like and dean win the ice dance that first year - awesome child memories!
Thanks for the feedback, I hope it's not too annoying watching us be so manic, the drugs have refreshed our hope <3
Also everything feels like 2014 is going to be a great year all around - opportunities there to grow and heal, be successful at whatever you commit to... Dh business seems to be increasing (means we can pay back my parents!) he actually had a patient on Tuesday, in for a first consult that had surgery that very afternoon (wisdom teeth) it just feels good.
I hope that you are healing <3 and you know we are here if you want to chat.
So when does school go back there? We are on summer holidays till end of jan (not that I have any, but it's a different place when the kids are out playing etc)
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Ack! I can't keep up! My appointment was moved to tomorrow b/c of weather, will log on with convo tomorrow!
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Chuord- those are sweet memories. Big sports events are so triumphant and memorable. I get so moved by the perseverance of the team's players.

So glad hubby's practice is doing well! I truly believe that 2014 is going to be an amazing year.

Hope your signs are positive and you get that BFP soon! The CM is definitely a sign. Especially yellowish/greenish. I know that's gross but I have read that it is from your mucous plug forming....it has happened to me with every positive pregnancy. Good luck to you!

Good night (for me) all!
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Slep well Wengrin! And thanks you just made me more excited - definitely a bit greenish (sorry) I rember wondering if it could be a problem lol.
Faith looking forward to your info tomorrow - good luck!
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Faith- did you make your appointment today? Let us know how it goes.

Chuord- glad DH's practice is doing well this could be a very big year for you both. Any more symptoms today? Your chart is looking good, much more constant.

Wengrin- thanks for your encouragement, I'm very excited to hear that you had the weird CM with your pregnancies :-) I hope things are good with you at the moment.

I have continued with the abundant creamy CM, this afternoon it felt like I had wet myself!!! Sorry way tmi!! I had loads if energy this morning and then about 6pm laid down and had a nap, first time ever. I know feel worn out think I could sleep all night and it's only 7pm.
I'm still hopeful that these are all pregnancy symptoms. I'm slightly less excited when I think through that I definitely O'd two eggs this month and so there must be double the amount of hormones kicked out therefore it might all be due to that. I should be realistic that fertility meds rarely work first time. Oh I don't know. So up and down. I guess I won't know for sure for another week.

Someone please share some news and take my mind off my uterus, I think I'm going a bit dotty!!
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Oh I meant to ask about this site. I used to use a nice mobile friendly version to post from my iPhone, now I get the full site on my phone , which is really clunky from a phone. Does anyone else have this over the past week or am I doing something wrong? Ta!
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Oxford - Oh, I do hope that this is your cycle. Everything sounds like its perfect. If it ends up not being the cycle of your BFP, you can be confident that you are very, very, very close. Sometimes even with optimal conditions it may take a few cycles. That said, I think you are totally on the right track. This is your year! I'm so excited for you.

Faith - I'm how did your appt go? Did they do an ultrasound?

AFM - 12w3d and my nausea and aversions are slowly fading. I'm super eager to feel the baby move. In the past I've felt my babies very early, and I *think* I've felt something this time around, but I cannot speak with any certainty. I'm not as thin as I have been in all my earlier pregnancies, so I'm wondering if this is partially why I haven't felt anything I can speak certainly about. In case anyone is wondering, I felt dd1 at 14 weeks, dd2 at 12 weeks, ds1 at 11 weeks. DH was able to feel the baby kick very early, too. I am 5'3" and was thin back then, weighing anywhere from 105-110lbs. This time I weigh over 125. Although that is still considered within normal range, it is quite fluffy for my frame and most of that is in my midsection and booty. I'm a bit jiggly and I think that may be buffering the movement I think I'm feeling. So I'm super excited to feel the baby kick in such a way that I can say, "Yes, that was it for sure."
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Hey Oxford, I'm on an iphone, too, and I see the mobile version. Can you scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and click the button that switches it back to mobile. It should be a grey button.
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Agh thank you Mamablue. I'm back on the mobile site now, much easier!! :-)
Congratulations on making it through your magic first trimester Mamablue. I am so delighted for you. After sharing this journey for so long and seeing your tenacity at taking whatever treatment necessary, I feel super invested in your pregnancy :-) I'm sure you will feel a kick soon. Keep us posted.
When are you planning to announce it? And how?! Are you showing yet?

Sorry for my up and down post earlier, I have added mood swings to my symptoms!!
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Faith - hoping it's gone well today!
Oxford - you're so cute! But I do agree regardless of the outcome it's nice to feel in the game again... Mamablue I now totally get the fresh start feeling you got after getting everything scraped and sorted... You feel less broken and like there's a real chance!
I'm also on the mobile version and iPhone, thanks for the tip mamablue - I never took any notice of the button at the bottom.
Oxford your chart is also so different to last months, it's hard to believe they're from the same person... I can't help it I have such a good feeling (for you) this month, but I agree with mamablue - if all that happens is our cycles normalize it's still a win!
Mamablue - that's so cool that the nausea is leaving right on time - I had heard it sometimes takes a few weeks longer (I paid attention as I hate nausea lol)... Also I had to giggle when you mentioned your weight... I'm 5'3" (rounded up) and about 130 (or 59kgs) I am happiest around 54kgs (no idea on the pounds) but I think I'm a bigger frame, lol and definitely a bit jiggly around the edges wink1.gif
So please let us know when you get to feel the baby properly - I'm with Oxford, in fact crazily it's why I've been posting so much, trying to get the conversation going - to take my mind off the whole tww too wink1.gif
Have you thought any more about sharing the babies sex with dh? In my relationship I'm the one that gets excited and blurts lol not him.
Temp was up again today, sick of this sore throat, think my bbs have grown and even though I went to the loo during the night lying on my tummy feels uncomfortable and the bladder over full - but if I released more than one egg there's probably extra hormones causing that right, so trying to stay grounded..
Visiting the inlaws today so that should help.
My dad's testing procedure went fine, he's at home resting and they'll find out the results soon, they sign a contract on another house today so they are excited (it's a retirement size 3br, 2 bth) then they will out there's in the market afterwards - there's had an acre of garden and it takes too much time to maintain when they travel so much.
Re dh work - thanks for your comments wink1.gif but lol I have to explain he's consulted 7 people and operated on 2 this week - not fully booked by any means but triple his normal week so it's much better, money aside it's better for his soul as well - he's worked so hard to get there (dental degree, medical degree, 5 years in emergency, 5 years surgical training) and it was frustrating to see him wondering why it was so hard to get anything to happen.
Speaking of work, Oxford how's the lighter commute going? And the relationship with the boss?
Mares - how's that search going? Hope things are getting brighter there!
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Hi ladies! Just popping in to let you all know that I'm still alive and kicking and reading along with you guys. All my thoughts are with each of you!!

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Hi Chrissy! How goes it?

Mamablue, hoping you feel that baby with confidence soon! Glad to hear your nausea is subsiding too. As much as a relief it is to feel it will be nice when it's time has passed and you can move on to the lovely second trimester.

Oxford, those all sound optimistic, but let's not think of your uterus since you're anxious! Instead, how about you check out this video of a greyhound frolicking in the snow with pajamas on : Greyhound in Batman pajamas plays in the snow.

Wengrin, hope you're well!!

Chuord, that's great news about your husband! It's both a relief professionally when you get going and financially/relationally when you owe money (even if they're not breathing down your neck).

And things are looking nice for you! It's true--whether or not it's the month, you will be that much closer! Fx for you! smile.gif it has to feel so nice to be educated on what's going on with your body and knowing that your moving forward.

MamaBlue, I just found that button a couple months ago, too! I had such a hard time trying to post without the mobile site. Nifty little thing.

We met our midwife and we heard a heartbeat today (via a very quick ultrasound) smile.gif (!) Nice and strong at 164 smile.gif I can't believe it, I was truly expecting the worst after some symptoms changed. And the midwife rocks! Very down to earth, talkative, even made my quiet husband feel at home. She measured us about 3-4 days behind what we expected (8w4d vs 9w1d), but the pic was rather blurry and we really don't know when we conceived. 8w4d would mean we conceived on November 24, but we last dtd on the 21st. Either way, I'm not too worried.

Night everyone!
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Yay faith! That's a nice heart rate... And you got to see via ultrasound - so all round a much better trip than you were expecting!
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Oxford I chart stalked again... Nice temp dip this morning!
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Faith - Congratulations on a great doctor appt. Such a relief and a reason to celebrate. Woo!

Chourd - I'm happy that your DH's practice is picking up. Sometimes it takes a little bit of time to get things rolling, but once it does, it's nearly always smooth sailing.

I've given a ton of thought about whether I'm going to tell DH the baby's gender. I don't think I'm going to. He really does not want to know. In my excitement, I may of ruined my surprise, but I have no intention of doing that to him. Telling him would be like revealing what a present is before he gets to open it and see for himself. Not fair.
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Ha ha! Mamablue, you must be very fast thinking to keep it a secret as time progresses and not let it slip accidentally, like calling the bump He!! Does DH know that you know? Good for him in not wanting to know, I couldn't stand the suspense!! What do your other kids think about the new sibling? Are you still feeling ok health wise?

Faith- great news on the strong heart beat! Well done mom!! I hope you can relax just a little and enjoy these changes in your body. I think it's a total miracle that our bodies know just what to do, incredible.

Chuord- how are the symptoms going? I hope the sore throat eases, that one is not fun.
That cute little temp rise that your chart is showing this morning is very interesting... I think someone is heading for triphasic!! That is so exciting! I'm really hoping this is your month so that you finally get that much wanted babe and you don't have to go through IVF :-) go girl!!

Thanks for asking about my part time hours. On January 1st I dropped down to mon-wed working and have thurs, fri off. It's wonderful! I am do enjoying the space and freedom! I'm trying to hold my nerve at the moment and not fill up the time with stuff. It's do good to drop some of my responsibility at work and providing we manage on less money, there is no downside for TTC or my health in general.

Speaking of TTC, today I had a temp dip at 8dpo. I'm hoping it shoots back up for the next few days. My chart is usually quite stable until 7dpo and then bounces all over the place as it winds down to AF. I'm slightly worried by my mood swings, that's not normal for me and I'm worried it's an almighty bout of PMT (PMS!). I really hope not. I feel like AF is about to start any minute. Today I nearly threw up my breakfast (sorry tmi!!) and I had to have another nap by 5pm!! Lol. I can bear all of this for a little babe, but if it's the hormones from clomid and I have to go through this for the next three months, I will not be happy!!

Chuord-I see you are 12 dpo, when are you testing?? Your chart is looking pretty classic :-) ooooooh I'm so excited!!
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Eurgh. Just had dinner. After a few mouthfuls and lots of retching, I gave up. I seriously hope this is pregnancy. If this I clomid I'm not sure I can cope with feeling so rubbish for 3 months more. I'm swinging between hopeful and dread. Why oh why does increased hormones have two possible and indistinguishable causes??
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Mamablue- nausea on clomid? Any view? Sorry to keep asking you questions :-(
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Morning ladies! Mamablue I'm with Oxford - I'd get excited and let it slip, I'm so impressed at your self control smile.gif when you have time (and primal, mares, faith) I'd love more info on changes you've been feeling particularly energy and food choices - just for curiosity!
Oxford- totally get you! But remember what you said last time about extra floor ulnar hormones from multiple eggs? We could be under the influence of that (until pg lol) re the clomid I understand it has a longer half life than letrozole - but did it make you feel I'll while taking it? If not surely it can't have that effect now when you've been off it for almost two weeks?
I'm such a scaredy cat, I got up thinking I'd test this morning - but couldn't... Still 3 days till AF and a lonely line terrorizes me. Are you going to wait till AF? Mind you I just emptied my bladder and lying on my tummy still feels pressured and a little uncomfortable, I'm hungry all the time almost... Oh and my temps are going up and up lol... First temp this morning (I woke up overheated) was 37.34 but I tested again a few minutes later. I never hit 37...
Oxford aside from my drivel I think your nausea could be a good sign, very strong follicles at the least... Can't wait to see your temp in the am!
Wengrin - how's the weather there? I see the frost melting on the news...
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Don't be sorry about asking me anything, Oxford. I'm more than happy to help. You are 8dpo? My clomid symptoms were only in the days surrounding taking it, but the time I was in my LP, I was back to normal. That is just my personal experience, though. Clomid has a long half-life, so it could still be messing with you. However, it would seem a little odd that you feel worse now than before. I don't necessarily think it's the Clomid. Could be early pregnancy symptoms, could be a tummy bug, could be that you body isn't used to having a lovely high progesterone level, could be the metformin. Could be anything at this point. Most nausea from pregnancy does not start until closer to 6 weeks, but some people feel yucky sooner. With this pregnancy, I felt slightly icky starting at around 12dpo and it stayed the same slight ickiness until it became full on ms at 7/8 weeks. It varies so much from person to person. One thing you can be sure of, you body is responding to its meds and that is absolutely wonderful and fantastic. I'm sorry that you feel so blah, and I am happy about it at the same time. I hope that makes sense. smile.gif
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