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Oxford - I'm am sorry that your emotions have been roughed up lately. Chourd is right, Clomid can totally amplify your emotions. Keep hanging in there, there is a light at the end of the ttc tunnel and you are headed in the right direction. I did use Preseed during my medicated cycles, and I really like it. I also did IUI, so I cannot contribute my success to Preseed, but it certainly made things more enjoyable. I say use it. It can only help. Do share how your follie(s) are doing if you feel comfortable doing so. Will you be triggered?

Chourd - You chart looks pretty good to me. Hopefully your temps are nice and high tomorrow. Your BD timing looks perfect. I truly hope this cycle results in a BFP. If it doesn't, it looks like you can honestly tell yourself that you two gave it a great try this cycle. Have your doctors given you your monitoring schedule and meds for IVF?

Wengrin - Yay for the stand mixer! I love using mine to make GF pizza crust. I hope you and DD make lots of goodies with it this week. Have you talked to your doctor about the level of nausea you experienced? Is there more they they can offer you in terms of anti-nausea meds for next time? My BFF had HG and it was so terribly awful for her, but her docs were able to help her out somewhat with different medications. That way she could at least sleep through the night and keep some food down with minimal need for IV fluids. Her situation was extreme, but I was surprised at the number of options she had available to her to help.

Primal - I have insomnia pretty bad right now, too Maybe a 15 minute brisk walk after work can help? I'm going to try it. Constipation is evil, but I've been able to keep it at bay by eating fruit smoothies with a handful of kale tossed in. I make them with lots of pineapple, because my tummy lets me eat that right now. I hope your trip next week gives you some opportunities to rest and enjoy yourself.

Lovely - You poor dear. UTI's are the worst. I'm glad you're home and doing okay. That must have been scary. Happy seven weeks! May your aversions be minimal and may your meals stay in your tummy.

AFM - My kids have been sick this whole winter break with a cold that keeps getting passed around between them all. They're not so sick that they need me to fuss over them, but sick enough that we've been having to keep our germs to ourselves and stay home. It's a bummer for them, but awesome for me, since I still feel very crummy and I was worried about how I was going to take them to all the activities they would want to do. DH has the fun job of taking healthy kids ice skating, to the movies and such, and I get to stay home with the sickies without raising any suspicions. It's perfect, especially since my belly is really starting to look round and I am not ready to share my news. I had the blood work for my Maternit21 test done today at 11 weeks exactly, and once I get the results and reach 13 weeks, I'll be ready to share. My last OB appt before I switch to my midwife is the day I turn 13 weeks, so the timing is perfect.
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Originally Posted by chuord View Post

Lovely - hugs on the trauma, but I'm sure all is well with lo.. As long as you told them they would have used appropriate baby friendly meds... I actually think I read that uti's are more common with pg too

Oh yeah, I started off with "I'm six weeks pregnant and . . ." whenever I got a new provider in the hospital.  I saw my RE today (he's managing my mild thyroid problem) and he wasn't concerned about my treatment harming the baby at all. 


On the nausea front, I remembered I have a pair of sea sickness wrist bands.  My husband did some research on a ship so I sent them along with him but he never used them. I put those babies on and have been sporting them all evening.  Not to jinx them, but it seems like they help! 

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Morning all!

For all our different time zones, I'll say happy new year now. I hope it's filled with beautiful, healthy, happy babies for us all!

My news first. I went to the hospital got follicle tracking yesterday. She frowned at the screen, got all agitated and then told me there might be a problem. She wouldn't tell me gets and asked me to wait in the counselling room while she checked something. I started asking her loads of questions and she said she's worried I'd over stimulated but couldn't tell me anymore.

I went to the other room and waited about 10 minutes going crazy. Then she came in much calmer and said there is a risk of twins. Is that it????? Seriously?!! I told her if be very happy with twins and not to worry. She had seen three follicles and thought I'd over stimulated, but one of them is a cyst on my right ovary that they found on the first scan. So, apart from nearly giving me a heart attack, all is well. I have two follicles- 16mm and 18mm on CD 11, so hopefully they will both nature over the next couple of days and I have double the chance (or even twins). DH has been taking timing very seriously this month and we are 4 days into daily BD. We will continue until my next scan on Friday when hopefully she can see that they have both released :-) then progesterone blood test next week. It is do reassuring to be monitored this month and know exactly what's going on. I want one if those ultra sound machines for home!!

Chord- glad your bd is going well too. Have you got dates for your IVF? Hopefully you won't need it! As my o seems to be coming early, we may be within a few days of each other this month. Here's to two conceptions with the new moon :-)

Mamablue- you write so eloquently, I love reading your posts. Sorry to hear your household is sick over Christmas, that's such a shame fo the kids. I hope you all managed to have fun together on Christmas Day. Great news that your pregnancy is going so well, I can't believe you are nearly at the end of the first trimester! What is a fertil21 test? I have my fingers crossed for a good result.

Wengrin- you hold it together so well! I'm so pleased you've been taking time for yourself. Listen to your body and do what feels right for you. I like the chores and then fun approach with dd, I'm sure she'll enjoy the chores too if she gets to work with you :-)

Primal- mama blues- walking suggestion sounds good. I hope you are feeling better soon. Are you travelling anywhere nice next week?

Lovely- sorry you have been caught by a uti, that must have been a nightmare on a long car journey. Take care of yourself and drink lots. Ouch. So painful :-(

Hi to anyone lurking and reading along.

Happy new year and enjoy the celebrations!
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Sorry Oxford - I'll reply in the am... I'm staying up to midnight for dh (first time in 6 years) lol and it's about four minutes to twelve - so no brain here...
But did want to wish everyone happy new year... And here's to take home babies all round...
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Staying up for DH? The things we do to ensure regular BD!! ;-) ;-)

Happy new year chuord!
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Oxford - Two follies are great, and not a concern at all. Funny that your ultrasound lady was concerned. It sounds like they are planning to let your body do its LH surge on its own. Exciting! Prepare to feel those follies as they move towards rupture, it can be quite noticeable.

Chourd - Go get him!
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Yes no stim, my ovaries are going to excel themselves!! Hopefully both follies at the same time and a set of twins :-) thanks for the encouragement Mamablue. Can you remember your follie size? I think mine at 16 and 18 are near to popping?? I will look out for the feeling you mentioned. It's nice to be excited about TTC again! Are you seeing in the new year with juice? :-) 2014 is guaranteed to be a corker for you xx

I'm having a romantic dinner, just me and DH tonight. I have dressed up- a dress and nice underwear! The things we do for BD! ;-)

Just heading into my evening now. Happy new year y'all :-)
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Oxford - yay for two follies and I'm so excited that they are ovulating naturally... Do we know what the odds of both going are? Lol I'm wondering cos I wasn't monitored - and I'm not sure if when you ovulate the other follicles get stopped?
Anyway lol re the romantic dinner! No I didn't stay up for bd (did that in the arvo) but just purely so for a change he wasn't by himself. Love is a crazy thing...
Mamablue - I'm glad the colds at your place gave you a reason to stay at home since that's what you wanted... How soon do you get your results back?
Primal, and everyone else how is it all going?
Afm - according to my temps I O'd two days ago (cd15 instead of cd19), but still keeping up the bd in case, I'm hoping there was more than one follicle - my ovaries were sure tender. During the letrozole phase, also my nipples are so tender sore at the moment it's not fun.
The docs office reopens on Thursday, I was wondering it it possible post o to ultrasound the ovaries and see if there were multiple eggs?
Re the ivf - I'm really keen to know if the letrozole had any effect before I commit to that - what if I deal with the injections to no gain? Also Oxford I have no idea when I would start as this cycle is soo different...
Off to stalk your chart now...
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Chuord- they can both release together as long as it's within 24 hours of the first one, otherwise the progesterone surge will stop the other one releasing. Not sure whether you can ultrasound and tell afterwards, I think they are checking what was there has gone, but I will tell you what they see from mine on Friday. You may have had two also. Fingers crossed that these meds are enough for us both. Congrats on early o. Right off to bed now! Night all.
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Thanks Oxford - it's funny I've gone from understanding the process of ttc to a whole new bunch of rules - and it's taking me a while to stop feeling like a complete newbie wink1.gif
Apologies all that I've been about me thru this time - I know you understand xxx
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Ah!!! So much to catch up on. Lurking but so busy with work and chores! Will happen one of these days. I hope you're all well--praying for you!
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I was looking at your chart chuord, that's a lovely clear thermal shift! Do you feel relieved to be squarely in the TWW?

I think o might be today for me. DH is getting tired of bd every day, I think we started too early with last Saturday!! Hopefully I can tempt him tonight. In back at the hospital again tomorrow so hopefully the egg(s) will have popped by then.

How are you all doing?
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Thanks Oxford lol we still bd today - just in case wink1.gif
Here's to your ultrasound being right on track tomorrow smile.gif
Wengrin - what's been fun with your gorgeous kids lately?
Mamablue - hope you aren't too stressed about your matrniti21 test...
Primal - where are you at now?
Mares - house hunting?
Lovely - how's it going?
Faith - how far are you now?
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Hello ladies, my temp stayed down today and I got a positive Opk, so it looks like today or tomorrow is o. We last bd yesterday morning and DH was late to bed last night and left early this morning so we haven't done it again since. So, he's due home in 2 hours, I'm going to wait for him in bed... candles, champagne and lingerie!! That boy isn't getting away from me again!!!! ;-)

(Who said that Brits are repressed?!!!!)

Hopefully he gets home on time and in a good mood ;-) I will update later.....
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Oxford - the effort you are putting into the seduction is awesome - your dh is one lucky man wink1.gif
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bellyhair.gif <-- Yay Oxford! Catch those eggs!
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Lol. Thanks ladies. I'm pleased to report that everything went to plan ;-)
I lit night lights in little glasses and placed them up the stairs with little notes for him on each step, then an ice bucket of champagne on the top step. I put candles around the bedroom and waited for him in bed with lingerie. We drank champagne and giggled! The bd was much more natural and fun.

It's safe to say he loved it ;-)

It's so difficult to keep se fun when you are doing it daily with the aim of making babies. Has anyone else got a tip of things that have worked to keep it interesting?

I am hoping that today was o day. I had EWCM and I almost jumped on DH when h arrived home!! Let's hope the timing has worked. This month has certainly been the best timed and most persistent. If babies were "earned", we deserve one!!

Back at the hospital tomorrow for another ultrasound. Hopefully those follies have both popped!

How are you doing? Any news?
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Ooh la la, Oxford, that sounds like fun!
My sensitivities to smells have been off and on. I've been so so so tired, probably because of being ill. Good/bad news on the job front: a new gal was hired in my location and she lives near me so we can carpool. That will cut my driving in half and will be very helpful! But she starts earlier than the time I've been sauntering in so I'll have to get up an hour earlier everyday and I'll need to hide my unpredictable nausea, which could be impossible on an hour long commute.
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Oxford - woohoo lol... It sounds like it went even better than planned wink1.gif I'm with you we have much better coverage than ever before... Lol if only earning them worked!

Lovely - that sounds like it could be hard work! Someone in here (was it you faith) said that those motion sickness bands were working a treat for m/s have you tried them?

Afm - I had a session with Ranee today and my body indicated that more than 2 eggs were released - so I feel good about the femara, and think that if not successful we will try a monitored version of this month before we dive into ivf to confirm the stims help me. I also got our results for everything the re tested - all normal pretty much across the board (he didn't retest my AMH) lol except dh DNA fragmentation score was excellent - so I think that has priority in his mind... It always makes me laugh that no matter how intelligent a guy is, his ego centres on his swimmers wink1.gif
Primal, wengrin, mamablue, mares I'd really love to know that all is well with you all...
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Chourd - I'm happy and hopeful for you! And that's great about hubby's swimmers. He's earned the right to stomp about like a prized stallion.

AFM - Doing okay around here. The blissful second trimester is getting close, and I'm looking forward to my morning sickness becoming a thing of the past. I have a UTI, which tends to happen once with each of my pregnancies, and so I'll have to ring the doctor first thing in the morning. I'm holding it at bay with water and cranberry capsules, but it's starting to gain traction. Ick. I'll get fixed up right quick tomorrow though, even though it means antibiotics. Double ick. My anxiety about this pregnancy has eased up so much, I'm starting to feel much more like my normal self. I am so relieved about that. Thanks a bunch for your patience with my neuroticism these past several weeks. I've never worried about something so excessively before.
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