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Thanks mamablue - I'm so happy that you are feeling able to enjoy your pg (uti and all) that relaxed and peace of mins feeling is worth soo much when the journey has been rough. So how's that bump going, are you totally into maternity pants yet?
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Mamablue- I'm delighted that you are starting to feel more confident, I hope it just grows and grows now :-) your uti sounds awful, those things are soooo painful, must be even worse when pregnant. I hope the doctor could sort you out quickly.

Lovely- good news on the car sharing. I hope you can get the sickness under control enough to take advantage of it!

Chuord- great that femara us working for you, fx for this cycle. I can certainly recommend the tracking it is awesome to actually see your body in action. Does DH prefer the drugs to IVF? I know mine does.

So over here things are going pretty well :-) today I had another scan and both follies have popped! I saw the ruptured follicle and the fluid on the screen, how exciting! What makes it even better is that there was one on each side, so I feel like I have double the chance by hitting that sperm from two tubes ;-)

I think I o'd yesterday due to the CM, + Opk and I nearly ate DH alive!! ;-) but today I have had cramps all day, it feels like having AF.
Mamablue- when you said on clomid you felt O- what did it feel like during o and after? I think I o'd yesterday and my body is in shock at two big ones going together. Lol.

Seriously, it feels so good that my body has responded and produce and released two eggs. I got really down after my diagnosis because I felt defective, that I couldn't do what most women do. It's so good to feel it has all worked this month. I hope the daily bd has helped. We are going to get one last one in tonight, just to be super sure. DH is quite enthusiastic about it! I am so blessed.

Baby dust to you all
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Woohoo Oxford - confirmation if two is awesome, and I agree one on each side sounds great... If your follies were as bug as they screened I'm not surprised you got o pain lol they were probably in shock smile.gif
I will be watching your chart daily now... We are so close time wise - please universe let this be our month!
Re dh - he's a surgeon, so he really has no issues about which treatment - but I've been verbally slapping him around with the fact I'll be more pleasant to be around the less drugs I'm on wink1.gif evil I know... Seriously he just wants me to feel most comfortable... He's still enjoying his excellent sperm - men!!! Also he is o positive blood type so he tells me he can donate to me if I ever need it lol... His masculinity went up several points all round.
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Crampy is normal, Oxford. It looks like your body is working perfectly. Woohoo!
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Thanks girls. I'm very happy tonight. TTC is finally fun again :-)

Mamablue- I had sharp twinges in my ovaries yesterday and dull cramps all over today. Does that sound familiar? Do you think I o'd today or yesterday? Hope you got drugs for the uti and you are more comfortable sweetheart xx

Chuord-forgot to say in my earlier post, congrats on the SA. That is a wonderful result. I think it's much easier to fix ourselves if DH is fine and dandy. I bet he is walking a little taller ;-) fingers crossed that we will continue our journey together chuord. It must be at least a year of encouraging each other now. Man we DESERVE these babies!!

Hi to everyone else. Let's hear it for the weekend. :-)
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Oxford - I noticed that sharp twinges were what I felt before the follies burst. Dull ache was what I felt post-O. I was always triggered which has an extremely reliable pattern of inducing O exactly 36 hours after the HCG shot, so I'm basing how I felt off of that expected O time. I never had a post-trigger ultrasound.
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Chuord and Oxford--fx for you!!
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Thanks faith!
Mamablue - you are such an information superstore - thanks so much for your support to us the last few weeks or so especially smile.gif
And to cheer everyone up, someone shared this on Facebook - otters like to show off too
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Thanks Mamablue- that's exactly what I felt, so I think I am 2dpo now. My temp is rocketing so I'm settling in for a contented 2ww. Thanks for your advice. I agree with you on clomid, I think it's fab!

We are going on holiday (vacation) in two weeks time to la gomera in the Canary Islands (off the coast of Africa). I am really looking forward to some sunshine, warmth and relaxation. Also I will either start AF while I there or find a BFP. Nice time to chill and enjoy.

Mamablue- has your uti calmed?

Faith- thanks for your good wishes. How's the sickness going?

Chuord- nice chart :-)

Anyone else lurking, please say hello!
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Ditto Oxford wink1.gif I'm watching lol
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Oxford, those sound like fun plans! The sickness has let up since I figured out it was mostly from the prenatals I was taking. I found some chewables that will suffice for now. I have my first prenatal appt on Monday. I'm guessing no ultrasound since it's a midwife, and too early to hear on the Doppler I think.
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Let us know how your appointment goes faith - it's exciting that the prenatals was an easy fix for the nausea wink1.gif

Oxford - just in case you chart stalk, just ignore today's (6dpo) major temp drop... I'm sure it's nothing exciting... Dh turned the AC on colder than normal and I woke up with a blood nose and breathing through my mouth lol - which would explain it - but I couldn't leave it blank... Must temp... Lol
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Faith so exciting to be meeting your midwife!! How far are you along now? Time is flying. Great news on the vitamins, who would think they had such a big effect.

Chuord - lol. Thanks for the update? I had gone "ooooooooh". I think I still do a little bit ;-) here's hoping a baby snuggled in whilst it was cold.

3dpo for me and beautiful cross hairs on my chart on the day of ovary twinges. I'm delighting in my body working. This month, I love the TWW!

Happy Sunday everyone x
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Oxford, I'm somewhere between 8 and 9 weeks. It's going super fast! My symptoms all together have seemed to let up, so I keep getting nervous about a missed miscarriage, but I'm trying to stay positive.

I'm excited to watch this TWW with you guys smile.gif

Chuord, I always had a hard time with temping because of things like that--air conditioning being off or on (I get congested with it on and breath through my mouth) or even huge time differences of when I get up. Hope your O time is obvious!
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Thanks Oxford! But I'm sure it was the breathing... Your chart is so different this month too wink1.gif I'm soo hopeful for us, but at the same time I have no expectations for me this month - weird right, but I feel like I've read the symptoms wrong so many times lol, I'm not putting any pressure on this month.
Also I really think you need to link your chart on here so that everyone has the option to check it... Chart viewing is always fun smile.gif so how are you feeling? Oh and please tell me more about your next holiday... I think it's great that you are taking lots and relieving the stress of ttc. We've been wanting to do stuff for a few years - but need dh to be working more than 2 days a week lol. I'm sure it will pick up this year, then I have my eyes on a tropical island holiday wink1.gif

Faith wow 8-9 already so fast, I think from reading others comments it's maybe normal for the symptoms to come and go? Re the Doppler, have you checked online? I thought they would be able to hear a heart beat around that stage. Hopefully you will find out very soon that all is well. If after the midwife you are seriously worried you could go to your family doctor and get them to request an u/s.
Thanks for sharing your reactions to AC - it helps keep me grounded, as I said in hopeful but not crazy convinced this month wink1.gif
Oh if you are interested here's my chart.

Mamablue - how long now till your results? Fx for you on those

Everyone - I'm sure you have gotten really busy with your families and holidays but it would be fantastic to know you are ok and where you are at... We miss you all!
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Chuord, I'm glad you are staying grounded. We will have a chilled TWW and hopefully two BFPs! (In a zen chilled way!!). Are you feeling tired after o? I am in 3dpo and I feel worn out. I imagine it's because my body has been kicking out more and bigger eggs, but maybe that's my imagination. Were you tired after o?

8-9 weeks faith, wow! Are you starting to get a little bump yet? How exciting! I hope your midwife appointment will be reassuring. Just think you are almost into the magic second trimester :-)

Mamablue- thinking of you.

By request, here's my chart.

Feel free to give me feedback. My temps were all over the place during and after the clomid, but a nice steady rise now. I feel quite chilled and hopeful this month. I'm reassured that two eggs were released and our bd coverage was -3,-1,O,+1. This month was as good as we could make it. Now it's beyond my control!!

Goodnight x
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Oxford - here's to the zen lol... Yes re the tired, but something in the change from estrogen to progesterone always makes me more tired... Sleep well
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I'm definitely no expert but that's a pretty nice rise, Chuord! OO! And same to you, Oxford! Fx!!!

I think 10 weeks is around the earliest to hear on a Doppler. And I don't know if it's a pregnant belly if first trimester "bloat", but I'm definitely showing a wee bit of something.
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Ooh faith a pg belly - cute!

General to all those in the American/Canadian bad weather - hoping you are safe and dry with your families and yummy food xxx
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Yes I I echo concern for anyone affected by adverse weather. Chuord- haven't you got a heat wave in Brisbane? Over here we have had constant heavy rain for the past couple of weeks and now large parts of the country are flooded. Around me the rivers have burst their banks and closed roads but luckily out house is on higher ground. Is anyone effected by the cold weather in america? I hope all our little Gang is further south

Faith- how was your appointment today?

Chuord- have you had gentle cramps??
I am 4dpo and keep having mild cramps. I'm not sure whether it's from the drugs. Previously I was trying to distinguish between LP and early pregnancy signs. Now I have LP, early pregnancy signs and clomid!!
I know I should stop noticing every twinge but I am doing terribly with the zen. In fact I haven't been this neurotic since I first started TTC!!

Baby dust to you all!
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