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NYC Homebirth Midwives - advice and reviews?

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I just found out I am pregnant with my second child and after a non-complicated hospital birth with number 1, I want to try a homebirth with this one. I had my heart set on Stacey Rees, but she is on vacation the whole month of August (I am due August 27). So are Kristen Leonard and Joan Bryson and JJB Midwifery (Martine Jean-Baptiste and Karen Jefferson are booked with August babies). So far, the only two midwives who have responded positively are Marcy Tardio and Barbara Bechtel. I've read some great reviews of Marcy and we are scheduled to meet in the new year. But I can find almost nothing on Barbara. Has anyone used her or know someone who has? I'd welcome more feedback on Marcy too. Or other suggestions! I've mostly been emailing folks and realize I need to get on the phone since I have not heard from several I emailed a few days ago. I so, so want this to work out and even though it is turning out that August is a rough time to book a hb midwife in NYC, I am crossing my fingers. Thanks for sharing any advice or stories!

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Did Kristen suggest Barri? Because I birthed with Kristen for my first homebirth and was upset that she couldn't work with me (though she was remarkable and kind) and she suggested Barri, her own backup- and I met with her and am VERY happy already.  Even though I'm just at 6 weeks, I have been as sick as I have been in my life and Barri's attention and attitude and care has been a godsend. 


crowningcomforts@gmail.com - Barri. 


I found her response to be warm, instant, and she has the level of experience and non-political attitude I look for.  GOod luck!

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I also think it says something if you havne't heard from someone within a few days.  I would not hire anyone that waited that long.

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Thanks so much for the recommendations! I've already written and received a response from Barri! Very impressive! We are finding a time to meet in the new year.

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You can tell her it's Carissa- I forget the threads are odd names.   Glad we are both NYC and so close in due date!

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Likewise! Thanks again for responding so soon and I'll let you know how it goes when I meet with Barri! And it's Kathryn, btw!

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And if you have any questions for her before your meeting I wouldn't hesitate to ask - it can be hard not being attached to someone yet when things come up!

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By the way, Carissa, I just met with Barri today and I loved her. I am interviewing one other midwife on Friday, but it is hard to imagine a better fit than with Barri. Thanks for the recommendation!

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We are due in August and using marcy! I was nervous knowing how difficult finding a hb midwife could be!!
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I had a homebirth with Marcy in August and recommend her very highly! She's not a soft, sweet, squishy type of person so if that's what you're looking for it might not be a perfect fit. But I can say that I had a very long difficult labor and she was a godsend. Everything she suggested seemed like the most horrible difficult thing I could imagine and then I would do it and magically it really helped. She also gave me some herbs that made a big difference to the course of my labor and I so appreciate that she has that knowledge and skill set. Also her back up doc is a swell guy and I trust her clinical judgments completely. She's a bit forgetful is really the only negative thing I can come up with! Call her to meet and see if you guys hit if off. 

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