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cervical pain

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Im 33 weeks along, and everyday it feels like someone is stabbing my cervix from the inside....can anyone explain what this is? it hurts like hell and when it happens, i can barely walk. no im not in labor lol :)

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I've been having pinches and twinges for a few weeks, some sharp enough to make me gasp. I'm 34 weeks now. Last time this happened later -- more like 36-37 weeks and I attributed it to effacement/dilation.
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I'm at 36 weeks and have started feeling all kinds of good things in the last two weeks. :) I asked my doula about it and she recommended some visual relaxation meditations. I was also having a lot of pain all over the stomach from muscles stretching. I definitely feel stuff happening with my cervix too. I think giving yourself some dedicated time daily to visualize the muscles and cervix relaxing helps. Even 10-20 min if you can squeeze it in. 

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All Throughout my third trimester with my second child I kept feeling this weird pain in my cervix, I can only describe it as feeling like my son was using his tiny fingers to try and claw his way out through my cervix! It was weird and uncomfortable, and I found that if I massaged my belly and got him to move a little then the feeling went away or at least eased up. I do have to say that my cervix was especially sensitive while pregnant and in labor with him. To the point that when contractions began, I could actually FEEL my cervix opening with each contraction.

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