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Wondering if I'm pregnant or not

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It's been two weeks since the the possible date of conception, and I'm really confused on whether i may be pregnant or not. I felt really nauseous in the first week just didn't find any food appealing what so ever and constantly felt like to vomit but it just turned into a burp, I've gotten my appetite back now which is confusing but still feel nauseous from time to time kind of like continuous butterflies. I havnt gotten any breast pain yet cause I'm guessing its still too early but have been getting sweaty palms easily like when I hold my phone I get droplets of sweat on my finger tips (not even sure if that's a sign) but most of all have been feeling extremely emotional and agitated also extremely tired. I've taken four tests in the last two weeks but were all negative although I know it may be to early for it to detect. I just don't feel my self at all, just wondering if any of this sounds like I may be pregnant?
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I know exactly how you feel and yes, of course it sounds like you may be pregnant. But.... In the 2 week wait, it's very easy to get paranoid with what you think might be symptoms. Before trying to conceive, I never paid any attention to how my body acts around ovulation time and before a period... and it's surprising how much PMS mimics pregnancy when you are paying close attention. Also, when you think about it too much, (and idk if it's scientifically proven) but I honestly think that you can "Think yourself pregnant" like, worry so much about whether you are pregnant that you make yourself sick and think "Ohhh! I'm nauseated, I'm pregnant!"... The body and mind can play tricks on you.

On the other hand, It is very possible that it's just too early to detect.. I'm assuming that if it's 2 weeks past possible conception date, AF should be showing up for you very soon?  My advice, wait till after she's been missing a few days and then test. If it's negative, wait a few days if AF still hasn't come, test again.    

I'm almost 4 weeks past my possible conception date and I'm STILL playing the waiting game. I had all the symptoms, and I tested the same day AF was supposed to come and it was negative..

So.. to save myself trouble and a little money, I decided to wait 2 weeks to make sure there's been enough time for it to detect.. and here I am now, coming up on the end of the 2 weeks and still no AF. So I guess we will see in a few days if AF doesn't magically pop up between now and then. 

Sorry this reply is so long, it just feels good to know someone halfway understands what it's like.. and I really hope I was a little help to you. Good luck and I hope you get the result you're hoping for.

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What you said sounds very true. I think because I'm paying close attention to my body I'm imagining things but then again the nausea is what caused me to assume that I may be pregnant. Ill take your advice on waiting longer and see what happens thanks so much for your reply and don't worry want too long you explained things well smile.gif I hope all goes well for you too take care smile.gif
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