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Hi everyone, Im new here and obviously now a new single parent to join the planet full of them. I was granted by a judge a TPO against my ex for a year less than a week ago, it was a very traumatic experience being in that court room but I got what I know deep down I needed, peace of mind and safety. 


Anyway, the ex told the judge he did not want to deal with the point of contact I gave (my own father who actually had a good relationship with him) and could not give the judge at the time another party to agree to, he also told the judge he would probably not be in the area to live anymore as it was. Yes I have an ex who can write off his child for his own personal issues with me. Anyway, he has already approached my father and told him he did not want to deal with him but he wants to pick him up from the school instead, then to also send me the message that he wants him half of Xmas day and then a week in January when my son will be back in school.


Im new to TPO's and I was told that my father is not a mediator, he is just a drop off and pick up point for his designated weekends. I have also let the school know this and they are taking him off the pick up list now that they have a copy of the order. My question is to anyone who has been through this before. Can he put the referenced contact in a position to play piggy in the middle, request extra time and what if the contact is not going to be around when he is requesting the extra time (Xmas day). ?


Any help or advice would be appreciated as I feel like Ive been shoved in the middle of a world war crisis and told to solve it immediately. Thanks in advance.

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Welcome to Mothering! That sounds like a really tough situation. It looks like your post might have been missed, so I'm bumping it up for attention. :bump: Anyone have suggestions to share?

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