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Symptoms decreasing?

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Hello everyone,


I'm wondering if anyone else has experience with this. I am 6 weeks 1 day currently and right after I found out (last Friday), I was exhausted, had waves of nausea, urinating all the time. Now, and for the past 2 days, I'm not feeling as bad. Bloating is gone, nausea happens very infrequently and mainly in the mornings. Nothing in the food world sounds good to me, but I do have more energy than I did. Otherwise it's uncommon symptoms like itchy scalp and fuzzy brain. I put a call into my doctor and am waiting to hear back, but just wondered if anyone else experienced this?

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i think my itchy scalp is b/c i haven't been able to rinse or wash my hair for a week.  and fuzzy brain is still STRONG.


no nausea, not peeing as much, bloating down, and almost have some energy.


this is my 6th, and my uterus is up above my pubic bone, otherwise i am also a little worried.  but it don't feel 'normal'- i just worry i don't feel 'bad enough' yet.


and waiting for my bloodwork from a week ago.  and not really going to get it done now.


keep us posted!!!

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Yes! i just posted a thread about this! My symptoms have lessened but I still have a dark line on preg test. I'm just waiting, trying not to stress. That is difficult! I'm 5w4d. I'm thinking about getting an ultrasound in nxt couple weeks for reassurance. As I've been reading about this it looks like it could be normal, maybe our bodies are processing the hormones more efficiently.

Let me know how things go for you!
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I called to see if the doctor had responded to my question yet, and the nurse said no, but that from reading my note it seems normal and that symptoms can come and go. I still wish I had more symptoms though!

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I hear ya ladies. I was feeling like this a few days ago but now I am sick as a dog and kicking myself for stressing over feeling well. Easier said than done, but try to enjoy your respite!!
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I am experiencing this myself, I do think its normal for symptoms to come and go though. The first trimester is so fraught with uncertainty, I wish I could fast forward.
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I really think it is normal for symptoms to come and go.  I vaguely remember smooshing my breasts to see if they were still tender early on in other pregnancies. LOL  I am now in my 5th week and have just feel slightly sick and nothing sounds much appealing to eat.  I am also real tired.

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Well it's definitely making up for lost time! I am so sick this week. Nothing is making this nausea better.

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still not having major symptoms.  gaining weight.  slightly queasy at 5pm (pretty normal for me during pregnancy as a full day w/ kids means that's my slump).  dry eyes.  peeing a lot.  but otherwise just kinda feel fat and tired.  


not very exciting.  and the smell of frying bacon made me leave the kitchen the other day.  that's a symptom, right?!  everyone non-vegan/non-kosher loves bacon, right?


also getting hints of acne.  but once again, this is all seeming very circumstantial.  not so much 'yup- pregnant!'

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