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Becoming a midwife questions!

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Hi there,

As a warning, this might be long-winded.

Currently, I'm a doula and childbirth educator and also own an online midwifery supplies business. I have an almost 3 year old and a 5 year old (and a husband who really would love another baby). I also have over 100k in undergraduate debt from my psychology degree (YES... biggest mistake of my life). Right now, I'm not making much of anything in terms of money and just paying interest on my loan. We struggle to make it every month and our situation is completely overwhelming.


That being said, I want to be a midwife. I've contemplated both CPM and CNM routes and have decided that overall, I think a CNM degree would be better suited for me as in I could work in both settings but potentially make good money in the hospital for while to take a hit at the student loans. However, I would need to do a masters entry program in nursing (18 months) and then a post masters certificate in midwifery (18 months- 2 years?). Total cost would be over 60k most likely but I'm hoping that it would be something I could pay off with HRSA scholarships (working in a low income area)...


My biggest question is when. I love being home with my kids but the financial situation is making me incredibly anxious to get a point where I have a reliable salary. The fact that my husband (and me too..) would love another baby complicates things. Should I attempt an intensive nursing program while I have two little ones? Should I wait until I know we are done and the last baby is in school?


Such huge questions... I'm not sure what to do. I certainly cannot pay off my debt with doula work. Overwhelmed with it all.


thanks in advance.

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It sounds like something you need to really think about, as I am sure you have. I had debt from school too. Might you consider working in the psych. Field while paying off that debt then moving into cnm?
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Thanks for the thoughts ^

I think I've decided to go the CNM route and take a long path. Intensive 18 month masters would be too difficult for my family and I don't have adequate support for my kids unless they were both in school.. and we plan on adding to our family in the next year (last baby).


My plan at this time is to take some classes part time this spring and next , get anatomy & physio and microbiology out of the way so that when (or if) I enter a RN associates in the fall of 2015, I only have the nursing portion to complete (since I already have a BA I have most of the general ed classes done). That way, I can obtain an RN with a more like 15 hour a week commitment for two years instead of a 30-40 hr commitment. Then I can work for a year and subsequently apply to a Master's program like Frontier. 


Long road but with little ones, I think this is the only way. It also leaves room for me to work part time or continue doula-ing.


Not sure if anyone has done a route like this...

If any advice, let me know!!

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Completing an associate's degree in nursing, then applying to CNM programs with your non-nursing bachelors will be MUCH more affordable than the graduate RN program. It's easier to cover costs up front than to take out loans and pay them back with interest accruing.


I think you have made a sane decision. :thumb


I know many nurse-midwives with INCREDIBLE debt. $100K+

I totally understand the appeal of completing a program as quickly as possible, especially when you know that is what you want to do. But that kind of debt can also hamper your ability to work in a more holistic environment as a CNM.

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