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Can you relate?

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While I was in the process of recovering from Postpartum Depression, I wrote a poem for my son. I recently turned the poem into an illustrated children’s book dedicated to struggling mothers--the project became personal therapy for me. It’s about capturing the reality of motherhood with its ups and downs. I hope that this book can touch your heart and be something that you can relate to.


The first time
I took you in my arms,
you were just a little baby.

You were all wrapped up
in your blanket,
and I was wrapped up
in you.

When I looked into your eyes,
you gave me the sweetest grin.

It was as though you were saying,
“I love you,”
and it melted my heart.

When we brought you home,
you didn’t sleep much.

   You squirmed
                and cried,
                     and I cried too.

I was your mom,
yet I didn’t know what to do.

But when I held you close
to feed you,
your satisfied little grin
would melt my heart.

When it was time for a car ride,
you didn’t like your seat.

   You squirmed
                and cried,
                     and I cried too.

There wasn’t much that I could do.

But when we finally arrived
and I lifted you out,
your happy little grin
would melt my heart again.

When it was naptime,
you didn’t want to rock.

   You squirmed
                and cried,
                     and I cried too.

I thought it would be easier
– taking care of you.

But when you finally gave in
and closed your tired eyes,
your sleepy little grin
would melt my heart.

When I had to set you down,
you didn’t like to be alone.

   You squirmed
                and cried,
                     and I cried too.

I felt so bad for
even briefly leaving you.

But when I came back
and reached out for you,
your welcoming little grin
would melt my heart
all over again.

As you’ve grown older,
the crying has faded.

   You giggle
         and laugh,
            and I laugh too.

When I look into your eyes,
I give you a loving grin.
It’s my way of saying
“I love you,”
and you melt my heart
once more.

Now, as I take you in my arms,
you’re no longer a little baby.

You’re not wrapped up
in your blanket,
but I’m even more wrapped up
in you.

You can watch the entire narrated book at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8H6KYg10cXA or learn more about the book at https://www.facebook.com/YourLittleGrin. I would love any feedback. This project is very close to my heart, and I’m trying to get the word out to fellow moms.

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Beautiful. Thanks for sharing
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This literally brought me to tears and im snuggled up against my sweet little one. I am one day away from one year post partum. My ppd is improving with significant effort and work on my part. Only now that I am clear headed can I look ahead and smile. Your poem touched me and I thank you for making your experience I to such a beautiful expression that can touch a moms heart so deeply.
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Love your poem . Sounds like my babies .
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Beautiful, thank you for sharing a poem about such a difficult journey with inspiring hope. I think all of us who've been there can relate.
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