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You must know, I am SO curious to know what area you live in. I don't want to invade your privacy, and at the same time, I'm always trying to figure it out! :)


As for our bedtime, Jasper has super-yucky acid reflux (so did my other two - genetics!) and there is a lot of crying in the evening and at bedtime. We've JUST figured out a system where DH or I walk him around as long as it takes to get him to sleep (10:30/11pm), then DH sleeps propped up with Jasper on his chest. He'll typically sleep there for 3-4 hours, then he's comfortable enough to be brought into bed with me, and we nurse every couple of hours until I get up with my bigger boys at 6. Jasper stays sleeping in our bed until the next time he wakes up and wants to nurse, sometimes as late as 9am. I WISH I could stay in bed until then!

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Mainemama- when we became facebook friends I saw that we only live a couple towns apart but I was worried it might be an invasion or something to mention it. That' s funny. I don't want to put my town on here but I'll send you a message. We are basically neighbors. You know, for rural maine anyway.
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That is so funny! I had a feeling, just reading about the "2 midwives".  I think they were my back ups for my last home birth, if Heather had been engaged elsewhere. That and the references to your distance from Common Ground and your plan to use Pen Bay for the birth. I felt like such a stalker.

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Abk, your description of being an asshole made me laugh! I'm the exact same way! I pretty much just do what I want and don't give a rat's ass if someone **coughhusband'sauntscough* doesn't like it. I absolutely cannot stand it when my choices as a mother are questioned, like cloth diapering, co-sleeping occasionally, or how much I hold or nurse Lily. And I'm not even all that crunchy either, just somewhere in the weird middle ground haha. Luckily my sister in law and a cousin both have babies and we all have very similar styles. 

Mothering › Groups › October 2013 Due Date Club › Discussions › Bed times