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I think there's something in my house...

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I think there's something in my house.


What I've experienced...


Darth Vador breathing on the stair landing behind me.

My bedroom door being pushed open HARD right as I was closing it.

Feeling of being watched when I'm downstairs at night.

Occasional feeling of being watched upstairs from the top of the stairs or from the landing halfway up the stairs.

I've seen and heard my dining room chairs move downstairs.

Footsteps on the stairs, nobody there.

Seen dark adult sized, formless shadow in the living room and dining room downstairs.  (This one seems to just watch us, doesn't seem friendly, maybe kinda grumpy, but not "bad", or at least I hope not.)

Seen a dark, formless shadow near the floor downstairs near the dining room table.  (Doesn't seem friendly, but friendlier than the other one.  This one seems somewhat afraid or sad, or at least very wary of us, and for some reason, my older son and I get the impression it might be a dog.)  This shadow is so dark and solid, that both my son and I have mistaken it in the dark for out very large black cat, only to bend down to pet nothing but air!


What my older son (18) has experienced...

Feeling of being watched downstairs, sometimes in his room if he leaves his door open at night.  (His door is right at the top of the stairs.)

Seen and heard dining room chairs moving.

Saw a dark adult sized shadow downstairs in the living room and dining room.

Heard footsteps on the stairs.

Saw the same little "doggie" shadow several times.

Woke to a shadow standing over his bed one night.


What my little son (almost 3) has experienced...

"Monsters" that live downstairs and might come up the stairs.

So terrified that he won't sleep in his own bed, but can't explain why.

Footprints on the stairs.


What my oldest stepdaughter (13) has experienced...

Feelings of being watched.

Footsteps on the stairs.


What my youngest stepdaughter (6) has experienced...

My dining room chairs moving.


My fiance and stepson (9), haven't experienced anything.  My fiance and his kids don't live with us, but we spend probably 4 nights a week at each other's houses.


There are times when my cat absolutely REFUSES to go downstairs at night.  And there are times when he will only go downstairs if I go first, and then stick right next to me.


History of the house...


We live in the projects in the poor section of town.  There are 6 buildings, each with 5-6 apartments in each of them.  It's a very rough neighborhood, no deaths or murders that I know of (this place was built about 15 years ago, I've done my research), but a very rough neighborhood.


History of my furniture...


My dining room table used to belong to my Mom's best friend.  She committed suicide about 2 weeks before I moved last year and I just happened to be moving and in need of a table.  She apparently had depression and I hadn't seen her since I was a child.  She neither loved me or hated me when I was a child.  I don't know if she ever had a dog or any pets- she had none that I remember.  Asking my Mom about anything connecting a shadow and her best friend is out of the question.


Both my older son and I have always been able to sense things that most people cannot.  My younger son used to talk to who I believe may have been my late Grampa and I'd hear them both over the baby monitor, when he was a baby.


So... this can't possibly have been imagination, could it?  What can we do about it?  The "doggie" shadow doesn't really bother us besides giving us an occasional startle and it has a sadness that comes with it.  I wish I could give it what it needs.  The other shadow... it doesn't seem mean, but it doesn't seem like it likes us, either.  It give me an uncomfortable feeling.

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Sounds like you have a couple of ghosts. The only way to get rid of them is to convince them to "go to the light" , i.e. enter the spirit world rather than being earth-bound ghosts. I'd be interested who they are and why they are sticking around.

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