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16 weeks pregnant, discharge and pelvic pressure

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So this is my 2nd pregnancy. I have a 4 1/2 year old son and am currently 16 weeks pregnant with fraternal twins. This pregnancy is so different from what I had with my son. I have been so paranoid that something is going to go wrong with my pregnancy. I have been having discharge pretty much the entire pregnancy, except sometimes it would go away but then come back. I also I have been having pelvic pressure since about 10 weeks off and on, where I just feel like the babies are going to fall out. It seems to be worse in the mornings after I get up from sleeping or if I am walking around a lot. So far in my pregnancy I have had 5 ultrasounds. I have 2 a month, one briefly with my ob. and one with the perinatologist. They are constantly monitoring me and I am telling them about my concerns. They keep telling me that because I'm pregnant with twins I will feel things "much sooner" and not to worry, this is normal. Yesterday, I had an ultrasound and they said my cervix was very long which is great because that means less chance of pre-term labor. But right before I left the doctor said I had "low placenta." He didn't explain what it was just that most of the time it corrects itself later on in the pregnancy and that I have nothing to worry about right now. He did say that if I had bleeding to go to the hospital right away, which made me incredibly nervous! I feel like the doctors keep telling me things are "normal" but I just don't feel like they are. It's hard to find information about what's considered normal in a twin pregnancy and a lot of things I research say to ask you doctor, well I did, and they are so short with me and just tell me that things are fine. Is there anyone that has had these same problems with their pregnancy and doctors? I should also mention that throughout my ENTIRE pregnancy, all I have ever had in terms of being examined was ultrasounds. I have only had 1 vaginal/pelvic exam at 7wks when I had some spotting but since then it's only been ultrasounds. I am also pretty small 5ft.

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I hope you are feeling better!
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Hi. My twins are 25 weeks old, and I clearly recall the discharge I had for the entire pregnancy with them. They are both girls, and a midwife told me that all the estrogen in my body was probably causing all the discharge. So...maybe you are carrying girls.redface.gif

I never had issues with any pelvic pressure, though, but another midwife told me that pregnancy in general puts a lot of stress on the pelvic area, especially a twin pregnancy...so maybe that is the reason.

Hope you will be feeling better. Congratulations on your twins! Mine are fraternal, too.
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Hi there! I am now 16 weeks with fraternal twins, and I too have had a lot of discharge and pelvic pain/pressure. This is my 4th pregnancy, and I do recall a lot of pressure with my previous singleton pregnancies, but definitely towards the end. I just read a blurb out of the book "double duty" to expect to start feeling pressure in the middle of your second trimester. I have had two ultrasounds so far, no vaginal exams, nor have I brought these issues up to my midwife. I plan to next week to make sure my cervix is up to par. If you've had exams and confirmation that your cervix looks good, I would chalk it up to the fun of carrying twins:/ I've started trying to relieve pressure with spinal curl exercises and lying down occasionally during the day. I hope you are feeling better! I feel I'll be robbed of the 2nd trimester of energy and feeling good I experienced with my other pregnancies-already so uncomfortable and worn out!
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