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My workouts are only 25 minutes so it's nice to get them done, whether or not I do it with littles running around me or if I get up earlier and get it done.
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I just had my first appt just to confirm that I'm pregnant and my doctor told me to stop running! I was pretty bummed out. My doctor runs in the same running club as me. He told me to switch to just walking. This training session, I was only going to do a 10k. I did a half marathon last year. I'm at like 4 weeks and 3 days, or so and I am obese but as far as running goes I am in good fitness shape. Has anyone else heard a similar recommendation from their physician? He was my family practice doctor not the OB I'm being referred out to. I love my running! Granted, I'd love to have a baby more righht now.
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After feeling sick all day yesterday I noticed it went away for a bit after having coconut water, so I took the opportunity to do a work out.  I did 100 squats with a 20 pound weight and then a bunch of arm workouts.  It was enough, I was sweaty and tired afterward.  Nausea returned after dinner.  


I would like to do a long walk today if I can.

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I'm in the same place. I think that I would feel way better if I could work or but I am so completely drained. With my 2nd, I wasn't still breastfeeding (6yr gap) so I am wondering if the extra super tired feelings could be attributed to that.i am going to wait it out a few weeks and then start back up with some light yoga as my hips are aching every day (already?!) at 5 weeks.

I am typically tired first trimester, but this is something else!
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I just had my first appt just to confirm that I'm pregnant and my doctor told me to stop running! I was pretty bummed out. My doctor runs in the same running club as me. He told me to switch to just walking. This training session, I was only going to do a 10k. I did a half marathon last year. I'm at like 4 weeks and 3 days, or so and I am obese but as far as running goes I am in good fitness shape. Has anyone else heard a similar recommendation from their physician? He was my family practice doctor not the OB I'm being referred out to. I love my running! Granted, I'd love to have a baby more righht now.

I've never had that recommendation. They've always said to continue whatever I was already doing (other than scuba diving) in terms of safe exercise. I think that running is generally hard on your body and it may be because he is in the same running group as you that he feels you should stop. He either has insider info wink1.gif or he just doesn't want to feel liable if something goes wrong. How long until you see your OB?
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Good advice motivated mama! I've always heard that too - don't start new workouts unless they're extrnely low impact, but running and other programs (like I'm doing - T25 & P90x3) are fine if you were doing it before you got pregnant. Some doctors are old school and just don't think pregnant women should be running. I ran D1 track in college and I remember we were having to do these half mile repeats at about 2 minute pace. In our group, and kicking our 20 year old butts, was our 7 month pregnant assistant coach! Her baby was born healthy and big.

Listen to your body. That's the biggest thing I think all mothers need to figure out before labor and before becoming a mother. your intuition is RIGHT Trust yourself!
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Well said, WendyJo! Women have been taught to listen to overly cautious doctors, worry-wart family members, even fear-mongering talk show hosts and news anchors, instead of listening to their own body and following their intuition. Thus, the "Business of Being Born" epidemic and co-sleeping fears and public breastfeeding phobia, and a slew of other misguided beliefs about pregnancy, birth, and child-rearing in the mainstream population. Common sense has become uncommon!

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Preach it, Mamas!!!


i remember talking to one mama who was really upset b/c she had really thought it was a boy, her ultrasound tech said girl, but she still felt it was a boy and didn't understand why she was so frustrated and didn't believe the tech.  i remember telling her she had at least 30% odds of the test being wrong (first mama to say that) and to believe her gut.  she had a son!

mama's intuition- women's intuition- is culturally nul and void, but i can say i couldn't do what i do w/out it.  and it was the hardest thing to learn!


TRUST YOURSELF.  i always found the things i regretted most were when i went against my intuition in the name of 'science' or 'reason' or just under pressure.  i don't do that a whole lot anymore!  it will also make mothering so much easier!!!  i always want to give new mamas a blank book and say write down what you like from any books you read, and then fill in the rest yourself!  and share w/ other mamas!

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OKAY- bought yoga pants to exercise in next summer.


usually i'm birthing in Feb/March/April- this whole August thing has been a motivating force to make sure i exercise more this pregnancy and stay fit.


i don't want to weigh myself at all (i will break down and do it.... i gained a little over 50lbs last pregnancy) but i want to have more muscle and stay fitter.


working w/ husband to come up w/ a schedule so we can both make exercising a priority.  he's at the gym right now!


planning on doing some sort of pilates at home.  any suggestions?  i've done blogilates this spring/summer, and figured i could try those and pace myself.  but if there's online prenatal pilates, i'm all for it!

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I have a membership at a great gym, and had just really gotten serious about getting some toning and endurance back up after a running problem this fall (bursitis, ugh) when we had this surprise. I'm finding that (except this week thanks to the flu) I feel a lot better through the day of I get up EARLY and go to a 5:15 cardio group class before work. I've tried to do my old double class a few times (cardio+yogafit or strong) but that's too much now. Have a couple of great Pilates instructors who are teaching me modifications. Wish I could get to the aqua classes but they're all during working hours.
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Hi Ladies, I found out I was pregnant just before the holidays...and since the holidays are usually so crazy I took time off from the gym. But I am starting back today and going to try to go 3 times a week for about 25-30 minutes. My drowsiness with this baby hasn't really effected me. I remembered when I was pregnant with my DS all I wanted to do was sleep. But it seems like this baby isn't doing that. Actually I am not really having any symptons EXCEPT for sore breasts. If it wasn't for the sore breasts I forget I am pregnant.

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I'm so blobby and gross and after a winter break, I'm heading back to teach dance at the community center this Thursday. As I put in the symptom thread, I'm very out of breath lately and sleepy too. I'm not sure when to tell the dancers or dance moms that I'm pregnant but I think not yet. I hate to focus on "what people think" but it's making worried what they're going to think. Wow, she gained a lot of holiday weight! I teach Irish dance and it's very high paced and strenuous. 

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I've been wanting to get up and start moving, but working 12 hours a day on my feet was taking all my energy (that + the flu a few weeks back). Now that work is down to one day a week and I'm in class more than full time again, I ordered a prenatal workout DVD set with yoga, pilates and some cardio and strength workouts, divided by trimester. I'm hoping that I can get up and get at least 20 minutes of yoga in to try to control my now-rampant all day nausea. Unfortunately, I've never discovered the virtue of cardio unless it's a little slow-paced elliptical. I always say, the only way I'll run is if there's something chasing me! :rotflmao Despite that, I'm very short and small (5'0" and 95 lbs), so I'm hoping to keep the petite after delivery...and maybe work on my thighs/glutes a bit since my stomach is destined to be a jiggly mess. 


Good luck mamas! I'm sure we can keep each other motivated! :energy

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I took everyone for a walk today.  I put the youngest two in the jogging stroller, and told the older 3 they had to keep up.  We went for about 30 minutes.  Hopefully, the kids will get stronger, and I'll get stronger and we'll just make this a nice big family thing.  Today was in the 60s, but tonight it is falling to the teens and the high is 28 tomorrow.  So, no walk tmrw.  :( 


I have a dvd from Diamond Dallas Page.  It's yoga for people who are over 50 years old, or more than 50 pounds overweight.  I'm thinking that maybe I can get the kids to do it with me? 


My hope is that if I just eat right, and make myself MOVE, no matter what I weigh at the other end of this, I'll at least be healthy and strong.  I hope.

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So... Here goes. My first video! My beachbody coach, Megan, told me to video document my P90x3 experience while pregnant. I'll do modifications for my pregnancy and talk about it (with the disclaimers everyone should do what's best for their pregnancy, I am no expert, and they should get approval of their care provider)! Any helpful tips or advice? Thanks!

I'll start showing my belly more. Subscribe to help a new coach and attempting to be fit mama out! smile.gif

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So everyone here seems to be pretty active already.  I'm pretty sedentary currently and want to be super gentle easing my body into fitness but I *want* to have a healthy pregnancy and an easier delivery if at all possible.  Any suggestions on how to start once already pregnant? TIA

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I'm purposefully building activity into my day.    When I'm putting clothes away, I put the pile on the floor instead of the bed so I have to lean down to get the items one at a time.  If I need something from another room, I make myself get it instead of sending one of the kids.  Any little chore I can make just a little more difficult, I try to, just to burn a few more calories, and make myself move more.  My biggest hurdle is my heart racing and ridiculous breathlessness.  By the time I get to the top of the stairs, I feel I'm going to collapse.  It's not being out of shape, because a month ago, I was running the stairs for exercise.  It happens because of how easily I get dehydrated, and the whole "building a larger blood supply" thing.  Lots of water, salt, and floradix help, but I'm still tanked... :/

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Johanna, can you start by walking to places you need to go instead of driving? It works well for me but it really depends on where you live if that is possible. I skip every other day or so from running and instead walk 30-40 min to the store, the movie theater, work etc.

I am happy to report, that at 10+0days the worst seems to be over and I am able to work out again within reasonable limits. I still get increadibly breathless just climbing up the 4 sets of stairs at home, but I am able to run 30-40 min at a slow pace again without taking a walking break in between and last week I swam 750m. I am happy with keeping it at such a level. Right now I am checking the options for pregnancy yoga classes. Those should be extra fun and i heard the pregnancy hormones make you extra bendy.
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There's only one place in walking distance that I go to. I miss being somewhere flat. My exercise of choice is my bike. Last time I tried that here I had an asthma attack.

I'm sure I'll figure out something, though.
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i started planks.  b/c i like them.  but i like core exercises.  i'm also hoping to do stretches.  and maybe more sooner rather than later..... husband is not excited about me going out and joining a class or anything.  


as for walking- that's my preferred plan too.  but it's 10 degrees out there and i have 5 kids and the roads and sidewalks are solid ice.  and there's nowhere near us to go.... we went out to the local free store today (got a bolivian alpaca fuzzy sweater my husband is sure to hate and a pair of cute tan dansko clogs) and trying to walk there was begging for death.  and the windchill was horrific.


dancing a lot w/ kids around here.  that's my best thing now.  lots of hip wiggles and some very funny (to my 11 month old) physical humor that takes some coordination!!!


still not getting to pilates...  :W

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