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I'm building little exercises into my day, too, starting with 15 minutes of squats, lunges, and calf lifts just after breakfast. I have some freeweights that I pick up throughout the day here and there. And as I'm sitting on the floor to play with my kids, I'm stretching my hips, back, and legs.  I love walking, but it's icy here, too, and my 5 year old especially hates being outside in the cold. But once it warms up, that and swimming will likely be my go-to's.There's a free community yoga class in my town every Friday night that I've been going to, and hope to continue. It's a little intense for me right now, with the serious bloating I feel nearly constantly, but I'm happy to modify poses and sit in quiet meditation during the 2 or 3 asanas that are either painful or would risk a most unwelcome "emission" in a crowded class!

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Happy to see this thread as well. I'm a fitness professional, pregnant with my first (just passed 12 weeks so while technically my due date is July 31, I expect baby to come early August). I'm also certified in prenatal exercise, yoga, Pilates, etc. so if anyone has questions, I will be happy to help however I can.


I've known a lot about pregnancy fitness and advocated it for many years, so it is interesting to finally experience what it's like. I've been exercising the entire time, but I've reduced my overall workout intensity and the # of days that I do higher intensity exercise. For example, I used to train for half marathons. I have opted not to run (long story, I'm also just recovering from a broken foot that had me out of commission for months, which is the bigger reason) but go to Spinning about 3 times per week and do a lot of walking now. I'm still doing regular Pilates class, but it's just now becoming slightly uncomfortable for me to lie on my belly and it's funny to feel weird sensations in my lower abdomen/torso during those exercises (nothing painful, just something I haven't ever experienced). I think it's finally time to switch to a prenatal-specific Pilates class and also (finally) prenatal yoga classes. I had been waiting b/c I didn't want to run into anyone I knew before/during/after a prenatal class b/c I didn't want people to find out I was pregnant until I was ready for people to know.


The best guideline I can give is to listen to your body. And to not experiment with new things that you aren't accustomed to prior to pregnancy. If you want to exercise but weren't doing so before (and you're cleared to by your HCP), walking is probably best, maybe some gentle yoga/Pilates and maybe some simple bodyweight strengthening exercises. Pregnancy is not a time to push hard or train for intense goals/events. My general rule of thumb in all exercise (pregnancy or not) is "Just because you CAN doesn't mean you SHOULD." Be smart, ease into things, go easier when you need to, and don't work so close to your max effort.


Good luck everyone!

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I plan on doing lots of walking as soon as it its warmer than 13 degrees!  But I am also looking for a workout DVD, I like bellydancing too!  And yoga.  I was disappointed with the ones I bought for my first pregnancy, so any suggestions this time around?  I want a good challenge, and especially want to work on thighs and butt since they are the first to expand.



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UGH!!!  warm up so i can move!  i would love to do a video/exercise online but my many helpers view the special challenge w/ more glee and energy than i have yet...


walked like a fiend last week and hoping to get a single day to work out a week..... squatting?  stretching?  lotsa sex?  that last one is my best bet during pregnancy i'm afraid.  especially as we're now in 2nd trimester.  

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It will depend on your fitness level, but a few safe for pregnancy but slightly higher intensity workouts that are also well rounded include:

Prenatal Fitness Fix with Erin O'Brien: A no-equipment workout of 40 minutes plus a 20-minute workout to do with your partner. Covers Pilates, athletic conditioning, strength, stretching and even kegels!


The Belly Beautiful Workout by Patricia Friberg. You need more equipment for this one (a ball and a resistance band and a mat) but it covers full body exercises.


Expecting More by Sara Haley. Has cardio, strength exercises, and a workout plan for every month of your pregnancy.


Hope that helps!

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I've done pilates for the last 3 years 2x a week with a personal trainer, had to stop during our IVF cycle, then was cleared to go back to exercise at 12weeks, weather was bad, then caught a nasty cold so finally went back to pilates at 14 weeks and oh how I had missed it. My trainer is certified in prenatal pilates. I'm thinking of taking a prenatal yoga class as well. It feels good to be active again!
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Pre-pregnancy I did a lot of cycling (I'm involved with a cancer fundraising group that does centuries- 100 mile bike rides). I was also going to a bootcamp class 2-3 days per week. After my last cycling event in September, I got lazy and also more busy at work, so by the time I found out I was pregnant in mid-Dec., I hadn't been on the bike in 2 months and also missed about a month of bootcamp and overall had really sporadic attendance (I wondered at the time why I was struggling in bootcamp and now I know it's because I was tired from the early days of pregnancy!). All I wanted to do the 1st trimester was lay on the couch. I lost a lot of fitness and abandoned a regular exercise routine.

After researching and talking with my doctor and bootcamp instructor, I learned that maintaining the exercise routine that you're accustomed to is good (with some modifications as needed), but that starting a new and possibly strenuous routine was not advisable. So level of exercise is definitely a very individual thing- the marathoners here are still running, some prefer walking, and others are chasing and lifting kids! For me, I decided to not return to bootcamp since I'd been absent too long, and I equated that to starting a new exercise routine. Plus it meant getting up early before work and I was already too tired to add one more thing to my schedule. Getting to work on time after morning bootcamp also meant riding my scooter to work, and I chose to stop riding the week after I found out I was pregnant, because I was not comfortable with the falling riskI also haven't been on my road bike for that same reason (but I have a good friend who commuted by bike until month 7-8 on a cruiser-style bike)


What I do now is prenatal yoga, which I LOVE, and I try to walk and hike the nearby trails. I think it's important to stay active throughout pregnancy, if you can. 

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Has anyone done Les Mills Body PUMP at their gym? I'm going to start the home workout with a group in April. It's a cardio based weight-lifting program and it's FUN and low-impact... so toning and pregnancy approved! I'm getting excited about it :)

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Johanna- like nikolem2 suggested, walking could be a good activity. Or prenatal yoga? (as long as both are okay with your health care provider). What I like about yoga is that it helps me stretch, you don't have to do any pose you don't feel like doing, and you get to be around other expectant mothers which is nice!  The main thing now that is different from my pre-pregnancy activities is that I am gentle with myself and never push it.

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Pre pregnancy I was running 5 miles, doing body weight exercises (military push ups, pull ups, etc), and gymnastics. I quit the gymnastics as soon as I got my BFP.

I kept up with the rest of my routine until week 8 when the queasiness and exhaustion kicked in. It also got icy up here in New England.

Pre pregnancy I was also very small chested and I stopped running when the bouncing boobs (even with 2 bras) began to get on my nerves.

Now I do t-tapp (a low impact/core strengthening video), plus training with hand weights 3 times a week, and then walk 4 miles (outside if I can 4 times a week).
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running really wigs me out during pregnancy....I am so afraid I am bouncing the baby around, and the cord will get wrapped around something it shouldn't.. I know it's probably not rational. Waht kind of excercises can I do ?? someone told me I could plank?? is that  true?

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I am still running, just did 1 hour today. I can't run up hills because I get too short of breath and then I get scared it might deprive the baby of oxygen but overall it feels good. My boobs often hurt, but I figured out that the combination of a slightly less tight bra, bodyglide anti-chafe on my nipples and then cotton pads that i just stuff into my bra over the nips works well. I really doubt that running could mess up the cord. For me it feels like there is a big water ballon down there and I imagine the baby floating and rocking around.
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i'm am so not built to be a runner.  i needed to wear 3 sports bras in high school to run.  after 5 kids and nursing non-stop, it's not high on my list of activities!  i'll walk for days, hike, swim, dance, pilates, zumba, ANYTHING but run!!!


BUT i am starting pilates w/ friends this week!!!  recruiting other ladies to come over and do it w/ me.  i can plank for 3 min still, and tend to gain muscle well, so figure starting up again now is early enough.


was doing blogilates in the past, and starting that again at beginner level and will see how long i can do it!  can't get new equipment or anything.  

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My doc told me that it was safe to maintain my pre-preg workouts (free weights, light cardio, even about work until I'm uncomfortable). She just said not to add anything new and super strenuous. I know quite a few women that were marathoners pre-preg and continued their normal routines into their pregnancy. Guess it is all about what your body is used to.
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I'm generally pretty active in the summer--kayak, hike, yoga, walk, bike to work and home. In the fall things start slowing down-I have to start a jogging routine 3 times a week with yoga and wood splitting. In the winter I usually get a gym membership and try to keep up so sort of running/walking. When I found out I was pregnant around Thanksgiving, I still was going to the gym but then the fatigue just really got to me, was really slowing down. January there was a nice day that I could ride my bike to work and back, round trip 20 miles. Since then, just some walking here and there and keeping up with the yoga. I've felt really good lately. Today I decided to try to bike again because it was 50 degrees and sunny, but I didn't want to do anything to strenuous. Left my car at work this afternoon and rode ten miles home. I'm glad I didn't try to do there and back today. I am out of shape (and pregnant) and I took my time-the ride when I'm in normal shape takes 45 minutes. It took me an hour and half today because I really wanted to take it easy and I was getting tired. Unfortunately that means I have to ride to work tomorrow morning. I hope this doesn't constitute a new work-out like someone mentioned above. I felt OK and am taking it easy. The sunshine felt so good! I am so ready for spring.

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Oh boy-the ride back to work today was rough. I was thinking that I would at least ride half way and then call the bus or a coworker to pick me up, but halfway through the ride I realized that I forgot my cellular device. The whole ride was meant to happen. And then I began dreaming of chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes immediately.

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Oh boy-the ride back to work today was rough. I was thinking that I would at least ride half way and then call the bus or a coworker to pick me up, but halfway through the ride I realized that I forgot my cellular device. The whole ride was meant to happen. And then I began dreaming of chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes immediately.

oh- that's funny.  


had a friend over and did modified blogilates for 87 min today.  AAAGH- my butt and thighs are so sore that walking feels strange.


but also felt good to get some intense exercise in!  did some of the core, but stopped on things that weren't comfortable (nothing in blogilates is comfortable) in ab/back realm.  obliques were easy enough as were legs and arms and even core using mostly legs.  and cardio was INSANE lunges.


we're not hoping to up to to 3x a week if possible!!

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What are blogilates? Never heard of such a thing-briefly looked it up on the interwebs and not much came up other than barbie looking ladies and clothing.

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oh yeah- tiny super perky Cassey Ho tortures you in the worst ways possible and calls it blogilates.


my friend got me turned on to it after my last pregnancy and i started at 6 weeks pp (man was it BRUTAL) but addictive and really challenging.  i love dancing and sports and weight lifting and really pushing my body, so this was fun for me.  there's a beginners series too.  i don't try to keep up, i worry about form and don't do forms that seem too much for pregnancy belly, or too long on my back, and just really focus on stretching, balance, toning and burning!!!

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oh yeah- tiny super perky Cassey Ho tortures you in the worst ways possible and calls it blogilates.




Haha! Too funny.


Glad you are getting into it. I used to do this instructor Fiji McAlpine on doyogawithme before I got pregnant. I still do her classes sometimes, though I modify them now. Can't wait to get back into the serious stuff!

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