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Latecomer to this club

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Hi everyone! I just found this site yesterday and wish I'd "met" all of you during my pregnancy! I hope it's not too late to join now. My baby Will was born on September 23 after 11.5 hours of labor including 2.5 hours of pushing. With low glucose he was brought to the special care nursery even before we could get our hour of PP skin to skin and BF time. Our separation didn't set a great foundation for nursing, so I began pumping and, despite our best efforts, am still pumping exclusively after nearly 3 months (researching that topic is how I found this site). How I would've loved having other moms to talk with about all that. I look forward to participating here!
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And Will's stats were 8 lbs, 10 oz, 21". smile.gif
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Hello, welcome to the group! I had a wee boy called Robin on the 14th September; isn't it crazy that they're already three months old? Well done on the pumping, it's tough getting started with both nursing and pumping. Sadly I wasn't successful with breastfeeding so we had to resort to formula, but it's a natural goats milk one, so could be worse.


Looking forward to hearing more from you!

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Welcome! My little one was born on the 22.
I recently returned to work and pumping is hard work and so time consuming. Good job on your hard work.
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Welcome! My little guy was born on 9-20. This site has been depressingly inactive the last few months, I'm afraid, but I'm glad you're here. I keep hoping it'll pick back up!

Congrats on being able to EP so long, too! That's impressive smile.gif
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Welcome. My little girl liv was born on sept 10th. I breastfed till she was 8 weeks, we had to introduce formula at 6 weeks as she was losing weight. Well done for persevering, your obviously a great mum. 😃
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Welcome! What is will doing now? I have twins who were due 9/6 but they were born 8/13, a little early as twins often are. They are awesome little guys. O has learned to raspberry and M learned today that he can beat the table during dinner and it makes noise. Pretty dang cute.
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W has been drumming on his books when I stay long enough on a page for him to explore it. I'll have to try sitting him in front of a table to see if he makes the same discovery there. Hadn't thought of doing that yet! He has been very vocal, too -- lots of coos, lalas, agoos and buhbuhs. Every now and then it feels like he's getting ready to roll, too, especially when he is on his tummy. I can't wait for the raspberries!

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I do believe that mine learned to roll over only to escape from tummy time! Crazy houdini babies.
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Welcome! My sweet Violet was born on 8/19 (due 9/6). We're lucky to still be going strong on breastfeeding. She's my second and with dd1 I was only able to ebf for 3 months and she was on just formula by 4 months. Great job pumping!
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To the mamas who have used formula, what kind(s) do you like? My body probably won't continue to respond to the pump as long as I'd like, according to what I've read about EP'ing...
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I use cow and gate comfort, it's specifically for colic and constipation. We tried aptimil but it brought liv out in a rash all over her body.
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I pump more than I BF because of work. Pumping sucks. I got a prescription from my doctor to help me and it saves my BFing relationship. I had to wean my son at 5 months because I wasn't pumping enough and I was too embarrassed to talk to my doctor about it. Good luck! I'm super impressed you've made it this far.
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Oh. My girl was due 9/10. She came 9/17 and was 7lbs5oz, 19.5".
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welcome! i had my boy on 9/22. 

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