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Past due!

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I'm 41+1 today, and wondering who else is past your due date and still waiting? Millerin? Taryn? Anyone else?
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Yup. 40+2 and counting.

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40+1 and no signs beyond the usual contractions and cervical pain I've already had for what seems like forever...going to get some work done tonight and possibly run to the grocery store...actually, as much as I'd love to have baby now, hubby is off this weekend and we have a chance to spend some good time together which hasnt happened in a while. Wouldnt mind getting out for a while with him tomorrow...although, having said that between the days off he has for christmas and the 40 hours he's taking off for baby we have quite a bit of time coming, but I'll be recovering and tired most likely so won't really be able do much most likely..

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I posted this in the labor thread, but I have high hopes for tomorrow. The barometer has already started dropping. DH looked up the research, and this appears to be a legitimate thing for getting labor going!
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Interesting, never heard of such a thing...
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Yeah, that's actually what caused my mom to go into labor with me (a couple of weeks early). Apparently any major changes in the barometric pressure can put women into labor. Lots of babies born during hurricanes, it seems. Tomorrow is going to be a huge, fast moving storm. I really hope it works!
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I'm 40 + 4. I heard about the barometric pressure too and had my hopes up with some big snowstorms we had here in New England last week, but nothing happened for me. Then I heard that the full moon would do it! Still nothing. Now people are saying maybe solstice! 


I stopped working this week, so I've been home, trapped in the snow and ice, just waiting and trying really hard not to go crazy. The weather has warmed up a little and I was able to get out and about for a bit, which helped. 


I've got a massage with a Chinese acupressurist and foot reflexologist scheduled for tomorrow. Acupuncture scheduled for Monday. Oh, and last night a friend brought me some "labor inducing cream cheese" from a local deli that people swear by. I ate it, but nothing happened.


We can't stay pregnant forever, right??

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We had a huge storm (the kind that sets of the tornado sirens!) the night before I went into labor with my 2nd. I was 41.2 weeks when he was born. I've read barometric pressure changes have more effect on labor than a full moon, so here's to hoping for you Michelle!
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Millerin- Are you in Worcester?  Someone offered to go get that for me last week, but baby came on his own last Saturday, just ahead of the storm.  My last came during a storm also, so perhaps there is something to that, if you are already just about ready to go?  I hope you all are holding your sweet babies soon!

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I think you have to be almost ready anyway. My brother was a premie, so my mom was probably close to having me regardless. I'm mostly hopeful because this is when all my other babies have come. My earliest came at 41+1,which is today. smile.gif My latest came at 42+3,which is the day before my scheduled c-section, which I obviously hope to miss!
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  • CourtBChase, I'm in Boston. A friend was out in Worcester the other day and bought the cream cheese for me. It was yummy, but didn't quite do the trick for me. Congrats on your little one! Happy that he joined you all when he was ready!

  • michelleepotter, it sounds like you've done this whole "late baby" thing before! I would imagine that since this is normal for you, there's nothing to worry about and this little one will follow the trend, too!
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Just bought more evening primrose oil along with calcium lactate and zinc.  And castor oil if I get really desperate... Even with the antidepressant I just feel awful.  I'm so sad that I just want Christmas and the next couple weeks to be over.  My kids are at such fun ages for this stuff but I just can't enjoy them feeling like this.  Going to try to get myself to go into labor within the next 30 hours.

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So sorry to hear that you're struggling, Taryn237.  It will happen for you and I will keep my fingers crossed that your labor starts soon. 


I'm trying hard to just let go and relax. I'm sure that the stress and worry don't help for labor to start. I had a foot reflexology/massage appointment this morning. And I decided early on that whether or not it worked to stimulate labor, it was exactly what I needed to relax. It was wonderful. So, I'm trying to hold on to that feeling and just let whatever happens, happen.

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hug.gif Taryn. I know that induction was such a let down. Here's hoping you don't have to wait much longer!
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Thanks. Feeling a little more positive tonight. I keep going back and forth between whether it would be better for baby to come before Christmas or after. I am SO not forward to going to my in laws on Christmas. They have a small house and it's going to be 28 people plus presents. Insane.

Do you think swallowing the zinc lozenges would be effective instead of sucking then? I find them pretty gross and it made me nauseous before.

Hoping you ladies go into labor very soon too!
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What's zinc lozenges for? We don't do huge get togethers for Christmas. Thank goodness, that doesn't sound fun right now. We spent the day out and about Christmas shopping. Brought on tons Braxton hicks but nothing real. Oh well, I even brought clean pants and underwear in case suddenly my water broke :-) bummer I never got to use it! Lol
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Sigh. It rained today, but didn't really storm like we expected, and the barometer barely moved. I lost part of my mucus plug, but contractions have been few and far between.
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I'd be excited to lose some plug. Haven't lost any lol
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Zinc is supposed to help the epo work better.

I've has some mucus off and on for weeks but it hasn't meant anything. My cervix is still do high I can't even reach it.and I was only 1cm the other day.
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I got a really good night's sleep last night so I just took castor oil as my last ditch attempt to have baby before Christmas.  I did one ounce in capsules about an hour ago.   It hasn't kicked in yet but at least putting it in capsules has kept me from feeling like I'm going to throw it up.  I'll do one ounce every two hours for four doses.  I figure even if it doesn't start labor it will cause contractions which should do something.  I am also pumping now so maybe the combo will work.

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