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Let us know :-) my mom told me to take that as well if I really wanted to hurry baby up. She said she took that for one of her pregnancies and it worked
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Good luck, Taryn!

I dreamt last night that I lost a bunch of mucus plug. I was so disappointed when I woke up and it wasn't real. Sigh. Absolutely nothing happening for me so far today. 41+3.
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Me either and I'm driving an hour away from home today...puts me a bit on edge driving so far away at this stage
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Hasn't worked yet.  Just took the final ounce.  Just a bunch of trips to the bathroom and a painful behind so far...  Sigh.

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Ugh! Bummer!
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I don't think I had a single contraction. Sigh. I just hope the diarrhea is over. My bottom hurts so bad. Ugh is right :-(
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Yeah, thats what happened when I gave myself an enema with my last DD, in order to try and avoid an induction :/
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Ugh, Taryn237! That sounds awful... I haven't tried the castor oil before, but I've heard that can happen. Maybe if you hang on another day or so, you'll have a Christmas baby, which would also get you out of your family obligations for the day!


I don't have a lot of things going on for the holidays, but I was fully prepared to skip everything because I'd be adjusting to life with a newborn. The reality that I might still be pregnant is starting to hit, which means I may have to plan on showing up and bringing gifts (which I also decided to skip out on this year!)  If I'm still pregnant tomorrow, I'm going to have to join the other crazy, last-minute shoppers and brave the stores with my giant, waddling body, grabbing whatever's left on the shelves...


Going to acupuncture today. Maybe that will help...

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I did the opposite and shopped and wrapped everything super early so now I'm just bored and killing time. I almost wish I had last minute shopping to keep myself busy. We may go walk around the mall this morning just to do something. 40+5 today. Never expected to still be pregnant...
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41+4 today. Thinking maybe today or tomorrow. Nothing regular but some pretty painful cramping, contractions...we'll see I guess
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sgnorton, were you due on the 12th, too? I'm 41+4 today. I really, really hope today is the day. I had a few contractions yesterday, but they quit, but all evening baby was dancing around and beating on my cervix. Pretty much non-stop activity (and pain!) the whole time we were watching The Crow. That probably doesn't mean anything, but it sure made me wish she was out!

I'm really not hoping she waits until after Christmas. I don't think I could enjoy myself anyway, and the kids are already expecting me not to be there. I'll be 42 weeks on the 26th, and the 27th I'd have to go in for my pre-op appointment for my scheduled c-section. I absolutely, 100%, do not want to go to that appointment.
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Ya, was due on the twelfth. Not sure what I think of a Christmas baby...haven't thought about it much. I just wanna get this done though :-)
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Michelle - I doubt you'll go that far but if you did you wouldn't just try to induce instead of a cesarean? My inductions haven't been fun but they were still better than a cesarean.
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I was wondering the same thing, Taryn...

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Neither of us is completely comfortable with an induction with an untested scar from my last c-section. I've also never had much luck with Pitocin; the two times I had it, even though I was already in labor, the Pit didn't seem to make any difference and I ended up with c-sections anyway. But the biggest part is that I'll be almost 43 weeks by the day it's scheduled (the actual surgery is set for the 30th), and I honestly don't believe it will get that far, so I figured there was no point in arguing about something I don't think will ever happen.
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I get it.  You won't get there.

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Well, acupuncture was certainly interesting! I definitely feel more tight/crampy tonight than I have in a while. No contractions, but the baby has been very active all day long. She left a couple of magnets attached to some pressure points to keep working. And I scheduled another session on Thursday. I definitely feel like it helped do something... just not sure exactly what yet! Have any of you tried it?

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Acupuncture put me into labor with my third- my waters had broken about 12 hours previously, and I had my first contraction when the first needle went in- he was born less than 2 hours later.  It was an awesome labor/birth.  I've used it other times too and it works for me well.  

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Acupuncture did help do something, but it didn't start my labor. I have another session scheduled tomorrow. 


Happy to read that a couple of us over-doers have had their babies! Keeping my fingers crossed that the rest of us will move along soon, too.


41 + 2 today...

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41 today. Just hit that I'm not going to have my baby here for Christmas. I almost cried during church. :-(

Contractions again for a couple hours last night but they haven't lasted. I'm dreading my midwife appointment tomorrow. After the failed induction last week I'm not very happy with my one midwife. And DH admitted that he also thought it was a bad idea. It stinks that both of us were having the same feeling but didn't speak up.
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