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Suprgrl: When I was being induced, my contractions would get stronger and more regular, then peter out again. Nipple stim would get them going again, so my midwife would have me pump for 15 min on, 15 min off. Something to consider, perhaps. But, my contractions never got regular until the very end.

Jenny, you are so patient! Keep hanging on! Your body just needs to cook your little guy a bit longer.
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42 weeks today...hmm...

I feel good and strong and healthy and baby seems well.  I'm really starting to believe I'm not going to go into labor.  wtf?!  My first son was due December 21st and I took castor oil on January 8th- he was born January 9th and spent 10 days in the NICU for reasons unrelated to his birth.  It was awful and I think it's rather odd that 15 years later I find myself here again.  Husband just bough castor oil at the store.  

I have been doing acupuncture and walking 2-3 hours a day, have pressure on my cervix and some achiness in uterus and crampiness but nothing really happening, obviously.

I have a BPP/ultrasound scheduled for tomorrow afternoon to check on the placenta and fluid levels, neither of which I'm worried about really.  If something does come up on there then I'll take the castor oil.  And maybe I will anyway even if everything is okay.  

Emotionally, I'm fragile.  It's so weird to feel so physically strong and about to undertake birthing a human but be feeling so emotionally vulnerable!  Crazy.  

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Good luck!
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42 week ultrasound revealed a gorgeously healthy smooth placenta, plenty of fluid, and a chubby happy baby...

I guess I am glad to know all is well, but man, he's just hanging out in there!  With such a healthy placenta and all that fluid, what will convince him to come out?!  I'm tired of begging!  Nothing much going on today.  His head isn't centered on the cervix as it's a little behind his head still, so I need to have some contractions to get that all lined up, I think.  Castor oil is still sitting on the counter but I think I'm going to give my body at least tomorrow and take it day by day.

I have an appt with my doctor tomorrow (we're planning an unassisted homebirth but she's been supportive during my pregnancy) and I'm not sure why, since I know all is well for now.  I don't think I want her messing with my cervix.  Not sure what the point of going is!

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I did unassisted and didn't go in at all after twenty some weeks. Your ob won't do anything would she? You know all is well and some women even go longer. At least being 42+ means it can't possibly be much longer! Wishing you the best and hopefully a baby in your arms soon
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Ha!  I know, we keep saying, "Well, now it HAS to be soon!"

She's our family doctor who does births too- she's incredibly supportive, humble and respectful.  The only thing I can think of is her sweeping my membranes, which I've never done and don't think I'd want her to do. ???  Feeling more crampy tonight- yes, this chubby boy needs to be born!

Funny, on the screen his testicles seemed huge compared to when we saw him last at 36 weeks!  And you could see the chub around his leg bone too.  He's moving like mad right now and I'm loving the pressure feelings.  I don't think I was really ready a week ago, so everything is probably working out perfectly.

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Good luck Jenny! I've been thinking about you a lot. Soon!
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I've been keeping you in my thoughts Jenny. I hope you're holding your baby boy very soon.
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I admire your patience, Jenny! Common' baby!

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Oh I'm not so patient.  I'm crying every day!!  

Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts : )

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Feeling better today.  Looked at Spiritual Midwifery last night and reminded my husband to not treat me like something to watch, but to love me up like the sweet couples in the book : )  Nice reminder for both of us!

Today not taking castor oil.  Today I'm okay waiting.


Thinking of suprgirl and wondering if she has a baby yet!!

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That's great! Isn't it when you let go and relax that things happen? :-) go do something fun and forget about pregnancy. Baby will be here before you know it!
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Awesome attitude, Jenny! Baby will be here soon! 42+3 is when my now 8yo was born.
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oh man it been a few days and I was thinking those babies had to be here by now! hugs!

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Yes, I had my baby GIRL!!! She was born at home on the 7th after 2.5 hours of intense labor... contractions started out with a bang just 2 minutes apart! Once she decided to come she didn't hold back. Her name is Neva Monet (pronounced NEE-va). 41 wks 2 days. 8 pounds and 19.5 inches long. 


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Beautiful! Congrats!
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Yay suprgirl!  Welcome baby Neva!!!  awesome.

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congratulations! great size

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Jenny, I just have to tell you I am absolutely in awe of your patience!

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Congrats, Supergrl! That is such a beautiful name!

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