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Dessert Tofu?

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I keep seeing dessert tofu mentioned on a blog that I read, and I'd love to try some, but I haven't found it locally. Is there a way to make it myself using soft/silken tofu? I like the idea of sweet tofu. Thanks!

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I was a little surprised to see you couldn't find it as every grocery store carries it here.  But just looked and it appears that the brand they all have is Canadian, so perhaps it is not as available elsehwere?


Anyway, yes, you can make it from silken tofu.  Just google silken tofu pudding recipes.  Except I just did that, and it came up with primarily chocolate.  Being specific with "silken tofu vanilla pudding recipe" or mango or banana or lemon or whatever works better if you want something else. 

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Thanks! I'll google those terms. I didn't know if it were a pudding or just a flavor-infused silken tofu. The brand she uses is Sunrise Soya, I think, but all of the store locations are Canadian or a select few Eastern/Western US. We only have basic chains here (small southern town), so just plain silken or firm options--nothing flavored.

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