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Forceful letdown

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Hi! So I have a 1 month old baby boy smile.gif and am breastfeeding. He caught on pretty much right away but I have a very forceful let down. Too much for his little digestive system to handle. I have been reading some on foremilk and hindmilk...and making sure baby gets enough of the fattier milk. He tends to pop off at the beginning when the milk first lets down and I have been squirting the milk out til the flow slows so it's not too much for him and he isn't filling up on just the foremilk. Since there is so much I started saving the milk ( expressing it into bottles and saving for a bottle feed??) is this ok to do or should I not give him this milk exclusively?? There is fat in the milk I save, I can see it, I'm just not sure it's as rich as it should be. Is it ok to give just on a rare occasion or atleast until I get a pump?
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Hi kaylag and welcome to Mothering! I moved your discussion to the Breastfeeding forum where it will get more feedback. :)

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I also had a forceful letdown...and still do! You should just let it spray into a towel until it slows down a little, then let him nurse. The baby will learn how to handle the let down! It's amazing how smart they are. And your body too will learn how much baby needs! As for the expressed fore milk...that's fine to give baby! They love any breast milk!! It's just important to get the fatty hindmilk so that he gains weight.
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Kaylag, you're doing everything right. Just express a little into a towel and then let baby nurse. This happened with me and both of my children. My first baby would nurse until I let down and then pop off and cry while milk sprayed everywhere then she'd latch back on and nurse peacefully to sleep. Then I learned to wait until I had let down the first time to nurse (I started to leak as soon as baby showed interest, or looked at me, or smiled, or I looked at picture, etc). As she grew, she would just hold on and swallow fast until we got regulated and then around 8 weeks the problen fixed itself.
My concern is if you begin pumping so soon then you will have an oversupply issue. There isn't any reason you can't wait and begin pumping the milk left in your breast when baby is finished nursing if you need a freezer store for when you leave.
Hope this helos.
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