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Diaper Cream Question

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I have come across this one site quite a few times, but when I am actively looking for it, I cannot find it!!


It's a site that has about 8-10 diaper rash creams, and the reviewer took each one and entered it's ingredients on some site (would love to know which one) and it came out with a raiting of 0-10 (?) 0-1 being the lowest, and best scores the product could get.


Does anyone know which site this is or the site I can enter ingredients and find out the level??


Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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Check cosmeticdatabase.com you should be able to do a search for diaper creams. All kinds of body products are rated there
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According to me, you have to first consult with doctor instead of showing on websites... Because Dr. knows which cream suits best to your baby skin..

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what is the rating based onÉ

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@LisaWatson, yeah, Dr. doesn't always know best, and I would much rather use something that is more natural, hence the site in question. I have found it though and have found my baby products through there. They aren't strewn with tons of crap.


@rainbownurse It basically takes the ingredients and grades them, then gives the product an overall grade as well. Like if a product has sulfates and all that other junk in it, it will get a higher score. It also tells you about each ingredient and the reasoning for the high score.

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When  Juniper was diapering I used Diprobase cream. It was very good. :)

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The site that rates products is environmental working group. I typed "diaper rash cream" into their skin deep database and this is the resulting list http://www.ewg.org/skindeep/search.php?query=diaper+rash+cream&h=Search

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