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Why are women such jerks when it comes to vaccinations?

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I visit another baby board where there was a vaccination thread going. I simply asked a question & got all kinds of BS in response. :/

Are you ladies vaccinating? Delayed or alternative schedule perhaps?

I've never seen anything get ugly here, but I'm going to save my response for a bit. I do not want to feel attacked again. greensad.gif
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We're vaccinating on schedule. Hazel will be going to daycare so there is pretty much no way around it.
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I do them one at a time and I've actually altogether skipped a lot for DS1. My general philosophy is that I'll give my kids the vaccinations I got as a kid but I'm willing to read about and listen to information on new ones and make informed decisions about them.

Sorry you got a lot of crap on the other board.
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Oh and I think parents judging other parents is ridiculous. This is a post I love by my favorite blogger: http://www.rageagainsttheminivan.com/2012/05/where-is-mommy-war-for-motherless-child.html?m=1

But seriously why would one good parent judge another good parent? We're all doing the best we can for our babies even if its different. So ridiculous to be judgemental about other parents choices.
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We are a non-vaxxing family. You must not have gone to the vaccine debate forum here. It's brutal.

IMO parents hating on each other for their vaccine decisions is utterly ridiculous and sad. It's such a difficult choice. I feel damned if I do and damned if I don't. Everyone wants the best for their kids, so why judge each other?
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Dalia, I occasionally read the vaccine debate forum, though I never post on it. You're so right. It's brutal. We're lucky to have this friendly group to come to smile.gif

We do vaccinate, though we don't get every vaccine. I definitely understand people who choose not to. Most of the people I know are very unsupportive of families that don't vaccinate and it really bothers me. It can get hostile and I don't understand why we judge each other so much.
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The area where I live has tons of unvaxxed folks. The school where my son goes is mostly unvaxxed/selective/delayed kids. I have friends IRL that vax and know I don't. I have NEVER had any problems save for one friend who just shook her head at me but we've been friends for 31 years so she forgave me LOL. It only gets stupid online for me, which is good.
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I'm glad to hear that, Dalia. There was a bit of an incident with a woman and her child basically being shunned at a play group that I've gone to because the child wasn't vaccinated. I wasn't there the week everyone found out thay she *gasp* wasn't vaccinating her child, but she never showed up again. I just heard about it from someone else who goes. She was basically warning me to keep my kids away from this other woman's. I couldn't believe it.
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Wow, gracisue. That's awful!!
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In the past we have been selective and delayed. My husband is not vax'd at all ( homebirth/homeschooled , and I am immunised fully per schedule ( complete mainstream upbringing).
This time I am unsure of what to do. But thinking of selective again and possibly starting at 6months maybe.
If Katherine is to attend school and kindergarten she needs to be caught up on the vax schedule by aged 5yrs.
Brutal topic and online forums are the worst for getting swamped with awful targeted bullying surrounding such topics.
It's so hard to stand up for your own beliefs when there is so much mainstream pressure and scaremongering happening in the world.
Wishing I could keep my baby snuggled up in the wrap and protect her from it all that way.
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Danielle there is actually a lot of judgement from both sides. I've gotten plenty of judgement for saying we are vaxing on schedule.
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I'm selective, lazy and avoidant.
Rose needs her 2month shots (we're 11 weeks) but she's just home. I'll probably do the 2s at 3 months
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DS1 was everything and on schedule.

DS2 we delayed for a tiny bit, but then did everything mostly on schedule, trying to avoid more than 2 shots at one appointment.

For Jasper, he had his first 2 shots yesterday. We did the DTaP and Prevnar. I'm planning to schedule extra appointments and do 1-2 shots at a time, skipping the more controversial ones until he's older. 

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First instinct is to not vax at all. Instincts are usually right.


but..... I have been researching delaying getting vaccines and that is what I tell people, gives me 4-5 years to fully research and think things through. We will be traveling to southeast asia quite a bit, which is the ONLY reason I'd even consider getting her a couple selective vaccines, if we were going to be landlocked for life I'd just keep her unvaccinated. I have reactions to vaccines (from what I remember, my last ones were at age 13 or so) and I don't like the chemicals that are listed in the ingredients list, doesn't sound necessary or healthy to be putting in my perfect baby's body. 

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My kids go to public school and I am a fan of vaccines so we will be vaccinating. I have a slightly different schedule from the doctor. It's a personal choice, but working in the medical field I have seen too many children affected themselves and/or innocent children who are not old enough for vaccines. To each their own.
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I was dead set against any with Thimerisol and for the last decade I've been a non-vaxxing mommy.  But now I'm a vaxxing on schedule mommy due to the place in the world we live and the risks that are indeed present, and the lack of mercury in the vaccines they are giving now in the area we live in.

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