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First night without kiddo- two hours left

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Baby is not yet 8 months old and my partner asked my dad (who our baby knows very well and who watched him for a few hours twice a week while we were in class) to take the baby overnight for their birthday, thinking a full night's sleep would be nice for both of us. I admit, not even a week ago, in the school year, I desperately needed a full night's sleep and would have welcomed this (for one thing- dad would have stayed here because he hadn't had a chance to baby-proof his apartment). I kept wanting to ask dad to do it, but he kept being too busy with other things/sick/whatever. So I get why my partner thought this was a good idea. But, now, school's out for the winter, I can sleep when the baby does which means I'm getting a good amount of sleep, and it's been 8 months since I slept without a baby snuggled up to me. I knew from as soon as we left the baby with dad that this was going to be a bad night for me.


It also doesn't help that dad hasn't sent us any updates in a form we can see. He sent two pictures-- to my partner's phone, which won't download pictures. :(


I managed to get two hours sleep from 9-11 pm. It's now 7:30, baby should be back between 9 and 10. Of course, then my partner's extended family is expecting to be able to skype with kiddo- yeah, because I'm really going to be willing to share him after this!


My partner kept trying to get me to go back to sleep, but I can't. I lay in bed for a solid hour unable to sleep and just stressing. I really need a distraction (so, of course, I go on a parenting forum... :eyesroll).


I don't know which will be worse: To find out that our baby was miserable all night, or to find out that kiddo had the best night's sleep of his life last night and didn't miss us at all. shake.gif 

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How did it all turn out mama?
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