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SInus Infection Ideas?

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Hi Ladies. I hope everyone is having a happy and healthy holiday!


WARNING: I know this is a long post, but I've been brooding about asking this for ages and it's a little uncontrollable at this point...(Probably don't bother reading this if you don't know anything about sinus infections ;-)


Unfortunately we've been sick (mostly me) for the past few weeks and now I have a nasty sinus infection. I've never been blessed with one before, but now I know what all the fuss is about. OUCHIE!!!! Our nasty cough turned into sinusitus for me last Sunday, so I guess it's been a week. As of last Monday night I was in so much pain that I drove to the drugstore at 1am and bought my first Tylenol in 15 years so I could get a few hours of sleep.


I repeated that for (gulp) for 5 nights (hope the baby is okay), but decided to rough it last night since I was feeling marginally better, but only ended up getting about 3 hours of sleep.


ANYWAY, I caved and went to my GP on Thursday to get an in-case-of-emergency prescription for Amoxicillin which he happily handed over. I haven't filled it yet, but have been diligently using my neti pot with saline & colloidal silver after steaming my nose, eating 2-3 cloves of raw garlic a day, taking European Hornbeam (Gemmatherapy), taking steamy showers, taking probiotic meds as well as sauerkraut and pickles, eating bone broth daily as well as trying to keep all sugar and (most) dairy out of my diet...and some occasional swallows of apple cider vinegar. I also started taking some Dragon Herbs Magnolia Sinus yesterday, but am concerned it's drying me up too much and the bad stuff is stuck in my head.


1. Does anyone have any other suggestions on what else I can do naturally and/or how long I can expect this to last? I'm pretty dried up during the day, but around 2pm the pain really grows and I spend the nights in agony and usually stuffed up. During the day I can sometimes get some mucus out of my congested side, but it's mostly plugged...however it has been changing colors, getting dark and then light and clear and then dark again (sorry if that's TMI).


2. It's been 1 week of this sinus hell. Should I just take the antibiotic? - I'm hesitant because there's no proof this is bacterial and I would hate to deplete my body like that and then still be sick (and who knows how it will affect the baby).

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I ended up taking amoxicillin forgetting my allergy to penicillin. I quit after 4 days then treated he subsequent yeast infection with garlic. I returned a week later and was prescribed cephalexin, a non-penicillin antibiotic. I am finally feeling better after 3 weeks. I know it's not natural, but this antibiotic isn't killing my gut bacteria and didn't give me another yeast infection.
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Glad you figured out which antibiotic to take Purity.


Who knows if antibiotics would have made things shorter for me, but I ended up feeling much better within a day or two of my last post. It's gonna take a full week for me to feel 100%, but it's definitely on its way out. After 3+ weeks of being sick (including a full week of very painful sinus infection) I'm sooooo ready to be healthy again.


For anyone trying to knock out a sinus infection without antibiotics, it is possible, but I'm not saying it's fun. Though if it had gone on for longer than a week or two I definitely would have to use something stronger. I read that treating a sinus infection while pregnant is like a full time job and I heartily agree! If you need to do it, I suggest buckling down and eating healthy all the time, cleaning out your nasal passages with a neti pot if possible several times a day, taking some natural supplements (raw garlic, colloidal silver, european hornbean, etc.), using steam and possibly Tylenol for relief and getting as much rest and relaxation as possible! Good luck.

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