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Thank you OSTC :)


I didn't honestly have the nerve to ask.  My loss never came up and I certainly didn't feel brave enuf to talk about it with here there and then.  These emotions sure do keep me on my toes.  My first actual appt is on the 14th and I feel good about having some time to truly enjoy this :)

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Smidge, I'm so happy for you!  I was surprised when my husband actually agreed to a home birth with our last child.  I remember those feelings of surprise and joy.  And our home birth experience just solidified our decision - it was wonderful.  Congrats on the new MW and home birth plans!!!

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Yeah Smidge! That's awesome! What could be better?

I've crossed the 10 week mark which was important in my mind as my loss was at 9 weeks. I couldn't help myself so I went ahead and got a Doppler. We heard a perfect heartbeat last night. My children cheered!

For the first time in ages I had a wonderful nights sleep. I slept through a windy blizzard and plow trucks feet from my window.

My first appointment is on the 23rd at 13 weeks. Things are coming together!
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So happy you got to hear the heartbeat mommacrystal!

I can't wait to hopefully see my baby and its heartbeat on the 10th! I was pretty scared about going and seeing nothing, but I'm actually kinda getting excited now! smile.gif
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That's great news MommaCrystal

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O Mama Crystal I'm so happy for you :D

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So happy for everyone!   I love reading everyone's updates.  I broke down and got a doppler too. I have wanted one for years since I do attend births, but haven't wanted to spend the $400 on a professional one.  Luckily I got the cheap Sonoline B, which I will have to experiment with, but seems to work as well (or better....) than the professional ones I've used.  So weird!  I have listened every few days when I've felt anxious, or before traveling to ease my mind.  I find it pretty quickly and only listen for 5-10 seconds to limit exposure.  I was still feeling pretty guilty about it, since I do know the known risks and that they are likely more unknown ones, but I had a great chat with a midwife I really really respect, who has similar beliefs about u/s technology (doppler included of course) and she said that after her losses she listened every day for the next pregnancy.  I just feel so much more sure that I am doing my very best, and that my anxiety is real, and that this is one way of coping with that when the rest of my tools don't quite cut it.  I listened last night and baby sounded great.  I am sort of in disbelief every time I hear it, but I'm getting less surprised that it is still alive.  What a strange space to me in mentally and emotionally.  I caught some really nasty sickness though this weekend while I traveled to a midwifery seminar.  I haven't felt this sick in many many years, and I'm feeling pretty nervous about it with baby on board.  I'm really hoping it doesn't last more than a few days, because it is feeling really rough to be pregnant and sick, especially after feeling really great for the previous couple of weeks.  

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@Margo Nelson thank you for your reply.  It made me feel so much better.  I'm also feeling so many of the same things.


  I haven't listened since I got the thing on Thursday and I'm going to break down and listen again soon... probably today.


It is probably going to sound insane but I believe at 10 weeks and 4/5 days I'm starting to feel faint flutters.  This IS my fourth baby and I'm all of 5ft nothing and 100lbs soaking wet. Plus I know where the baby is because I of where I found it with the Doppler.  But I'm afraid to say it out loud as no one would believe me.  


Margo I hope you get better soon!

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Yay for heartbeats mamas <3  So exciting!!!


How is everyone feeling lately?


I'm finally feeling like a human this week (13wks now).  I'm still throwing up every morning just like I did with my son, but it doesn't last.  I've actually done every chore on my chore chart this week.  I've barely done anything except a load of laundry 1x a week.  So happy to feel better.  I'm also back in the kitchen baking from scratch and today I'm make homemade tomato soup :)  Yesterday, I had to put away all of my pre-preggers jeans b/c they aren't fitting even with a bella band.  I realized I love long knit maternity skirts for every day wear...they're so comfy :)

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Yes to long stretchy skirts!  I don't think the one I have is specifically a maternity one, but my MIL is making me a few more replicas out of some organic cotton fabric she has.  I think I'll be living in them soon.  I've still been good as far as the pregnancy goes.  No nausea for weeks now, just this icky lingering respiratory thing I have.  I can definitely feel my uterus when I twist funny or bend over, so that has been a fun change recently.  On my work trip to Vegas I also had a cashier at Whole Foods ask me (unprompted) "what I'm having" lol, which I thought was way too brave of her since I was only 13 weeks last weekend.  Crazy people!

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Hey ladies!  @Smidge I'm glad you are starting to feel better!  Still true a few days later?


@Margo Nelson has is the respiratory thing coming.


I've had a bit of freak out the last two days.  I had ever so slight ever so faint every so almost not really there brown spotting yesterday.  On THE BUSIEST day I've had in ages.  I was on the go NON stop from 8am until after 10pm.  The spotting was discovered at around 10am.  My husband told me it was probably a result of extra curriculum bedroom activities the day before - we were a bit more rambunctious than normal.  I figured I just go home real quick and check things out on the doppler.


Do you know we had the HARDEST time finding the stinking heart beat?  What took just a couple of minutes and come through clear as day so we could count the beats for a while suddenly became an impossible chore.  We found it once for such a fraction of a second that I was reluctant to really believe it.  We had to give up as I was late for the next thing.


All day I texted my husband... are you sure you heard it?  Poor man.


TP was clear all day except for one other barely there check.


I got home again late and we tried again.  AGAIN we had such a hard time.  3 or 4 times we'd catch it for such a short moment it was hard to believe it.  Finally we snagged it for I think a WHOLE 10 seconds.  I managed to record it on my cell phone so I could replay it and stop asking my husband if he was sure he heard it.  A good strong 160 per minute at least as it always has been.


What a day.  I hope and pray I was being a nut for no reason.  

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O MommaCrystal, I'm so sorry.  I'm praying that you continue to hear the heartbeat each time you check and that you can put your feet up and rest.  <3


I'm feeling pretty good, but these dang vitamins are making me feel off for an hour or two after breakfast :(


My first MW appt is on Tuesday and I've asked my hubby if he wanted to go all week and he kept saying "No, it's okay".  Well, the closer it gets the more anxious I'm getting about possibly not finding a heartbeat while we're there.  So, last night I told him my fear and he said "Well, I'm coming then".  So happy I didn't have to explain any further...he knows :)  I'm sure I will cry many tears when we finally do hear that heartbeat.  I'm so excited!!!!  My hubby said that if it's twins, we're stopping for cigars on the way home, hahaha!  (for him of course, not me)


How are the rest of you?

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MommaCrystal I hope this is the last of the spotting and that you are able to relax and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy peacefully smile.gif

Smidge - I'm so glad your husband is able and willing to go with you to your appointment! I felt the same way going to my ultrasound appointment on Friday and my husband had a work thing that he couldn't miss for anything, so I had to go it alone with much fear in my heart about what we would or wouldn't find. It all turned out being really good with only one baby (my husband was worried about it being twins as well) a beautiful heartbeat of 140, a very active baby who was happily sucking its hand and the nicest tech I've ever had that explain everything really well and told me that we likely didn't hear the heartbeat at our last appointment because the placenta is on top and likely was in the way at that point. So I hope you have a great appointment as well and that you and your husband are able to hear your baby's beautiful heartbeat! How many weeks will you be?
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OSTC, Good to hear another positive story!  I'm 14 weeks today :)

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@MamaCrystal - that is super nerve wracking!  I'm sure the spotting was just from being rambunctious.  I know how scary that must have been though!  I had a tricky doppler listen a few days ago, and it seemed like it was because I had already been laying down for awhile and baby was just in a harder to hear spot.  Sounds like that wasn't your problem, but just wanted to say that depending on our activities, they may be easier or harder to hear, and of course they have their own activities scheduled in there too, haha.  I'm glad you heard it and all is well!

I'm still coughy and feel like I'm not breathing very well, but the worst is definitely over.  I just want to feel good again!  I have 2 births coming up in the next few weeks (or sooner) and would love to not be a coughing mess.  

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Originally Posted by Smidge View Post

OSTC, Good to hear another positive story!  I'm 14 weeks today smile.gif

Okay your one day behind me then! smile.gif
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Glad to see pretty much all positive updates!  Hooray!


I've had no more spotting at all!  Phew!  I haven't tried the doppler and I won't for a few days.  Give that thing a rest!


Here's my store for the day.  I had a meeting last night.  My friend looks at me and says... "Is there something wrong with the baby? You're too big to be so early on."


WTF!  Yes she's very well aware of my loss.  I just stared at her big eyed.  


This is my 5th pregnancy, 4th baby.  I'm 5ft nothing and 100lbs soaking wet when not pregnant.  I carried an 8 pounder AND a 9 pounder.  My stomach muscles are beyond stretched.  


This is a photo of me yesterday!  11 weeks 4 days. OYE!  Some people!!!!


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Wow I can't believe someone would say that period! Let alone to someone they knew had a loss... Sheesh!
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You look beautiful MommaCrystal!


I agree with OSTC :(


I saw my midwife yesterday and we got to hear the heartbeat for the first time.  I cried joyful tears <3  So stinking happy!!!

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That's awesome that you were able to hear the heartbeat Smidge! smile.gif
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