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Tiny and angry

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I have 3 daughters, but my middle (almost 3.5) has been different from the start. She has always been a huge screamer. As a baby, she would arch her back and sometimes didn't like being held or nursed. She also has always been very small in comparison. She was 15lbs5oz on her first birthday where the other 2 hit that around 4 months (and her birth weight was the same as #1 and 6 oz bigger than #3). She has always been a fighter every step of the way. Diaper changes were always a nightmare, potty training was horrible (she would paint her poop onto anything and everything, but scream if I tried putting her on the potty), leaving the house, eating... You name it. She is destructive and breaks things. She will burst into a fit of shrieking, picking her lips (to the point that they bleed), pulling her hair or clothes, etc over anything at all (like me calmly telling her dance class is tomorrow, not today). The fits used to last hours. Now they are usually a bit shorter (as long as 20 minutes recently), but they can come out of nowhere, even if she was in a seemingly good mood up until that point.

My other 2 have their moments (well, #3 is only 5 months and pretty easy), but it seems relatively normal. This just seems beyond normal.

As for her size, we had a bunch of tests run 2 years ago and everything came back normal (hand X-ray, growth hormone, tsh, vitamins, etc blood tests), the endocrinologist thought she was fine, our doctor doesn't seem too concerned because she has kep her own growth curve with no drops, even though she's at the very bottom (she's 24 lbs now). I don't really notice any digestive or skin issues.

I also know 2 people who have many children, but one child who is very much smaller and the firecracker in personality (the "difficult one"). Anyone know what this is? Any ideas on what I could try with her? I tried going gluten and dairy free for a while when she was a baby and screaming/refusing to nurse and it didn't seem to help, but I'm willing to try again. I've tried a variety of probiotics and digestive enzymes. Any ideas would be appreciated!
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3 is a hard age but what you are describing is extreme. Have you thought about having her assessed by a developmental pedi and /or an occupational therapist?

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