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I've had a Maya Wrap ring sling with my last two (and that I'll presumably use again this time) that was wonderful for the first several months. After that, I switched to a homemade mei tai and a backpack carrier. The mei tai was great for a long time with my second, but caused a huge amount of pain to one of my shoulders with my third. Same carrier - I guess I'm just getting older! The backpack carrier worked much better after that, as it distributes most of the weight across the hips.


This time I hope to get a soft structured carrier - I'm hoping that allows a little more closeness and a wider age range than the backpack carrier, while putting more of the weight on the hips than the MT.


We did find a Kelty Kids backpack in excellent condition at a thrift store for $10, and I suspect DH will use that a lot, though I'd like to get the SSC in a pattern that we're both willing to use, too.



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Diy is generally a waste of money compared to the swaps, and really not as comfortable. It is worth it to buy something rather than make it.

I'm ambivalent on this sentiment. My homemade mei tai was maybe a quarter of the cost of similar carriers, and I got a lot of good use out of it. If you happen to already have appropriate materials in your stash, it's obviously even cheaper. However, designing them ergonomically is definitely a learning curve. I'm not sure how much of my above-mentioned problem is inherent to mei tais, and how much is poor design on my part. I refused to make one for my SIL when she tried to commission one from me because I think other people do a much better job!


My Maya Wrap is much more comfortable than the WAHM-made ring sling I had with my first, which was, no kidding, made of linen and yak wool - the fabric was awesome, but the weight distribution somewhat less so. I'm inclined to stick with well-established brands now.

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I love stretchy wraps for my nbs, but this time I'll use wovens too since I am much better with them than I used to be. I think a lightweight size 3 will be nice and versatile for the summer. I might buy a new RS too, we have a couple of summer weddings so I thought I'd buy a simple nursing dress and a pretty sling or wrap to use :)
Last time I had a baby it was July, so I just wore a nursing tank and a moby, and mostly kept baby naked or just in a tshirt in the wrap so she didn't get hot.

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I cannot stress enough to try to find your local baby wearing group! It's great to learn all you can a out the carriers, but it's soooo helpful to go to a meeting, see what everyone else is using, look at and touch all the carriers, and ask questions. I started off on my own, but going to a meeting was a game-changer- a little support and help goes a long way in the beginning and makes it a lot less overwhelming.
That said, I'd like to throw out a vote for a kinderpack. It's a ssc, like an ergo, but in my opinion, way more comfy! AND cuter. smile.gif and they resell for pretty much the original price. After I got my kinderpack, I was mad at myself that I hadn't gotten it in the beginning! Also loved the ring sling in the beginning! I have a wrap now that I use sometimes, but I'm not a great wrapper so I usually only use it around the house.
You will love baby wearing! It's a sanity saver!
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Watch out for fake brand name carriers. I found someone local on craigslist selling Ergos for a decent price, but I'm pretty sure they are fake (the patterns are the same that I see in the articles about fakes). And the "decent price" is a huge markup from the typical fake price, though it would be good for a real Ergo. The clips on these are apparently well known for breaking, so it isn't a matter of just getting a knock -off, but an actual safety issue.

This is apparently a big problem on eBay, too.
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Definitely good advice ocelotmom mom. There is lots of info on google on how to spot a fergo (fake ergo) and tricks for verifying authenticity. There are still lots of real ergos for sale second hand too, and if you look up your local babywearing club they can help (usually the fergo resellers are known if you have an active one in your community). I have heard that the ones sold on daily deals websites can be fergos, and you should check egro,s website for a list of authorized sellers if you see one really cheap new. There are lots of other great SSC brands too that aren't knocked off as much, like kinderpack, tula, oyna, babyhawk oh snap, and more. But for those ones you'l be less like to find used locally and you'll have better luck at www.thebabywearer.com or the swaps on Facebook.
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Yeah, I see a lot of other Ergos on craigslist that are reasonably local and probably legit, but I rarely see colors/patterns I want!
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I like the Moby Wrap (or another stretchy wrap, but mine is a Moby brand) best for little newborns. I would put it on before driving somewhere and pop the baby in when I got there.
At home I would wear just a nursing tank underneath and it really didn't get too hot even though we live in a hot area.

I also love the ring sling for any age.

I do own a woven wrap (well, 2 actually…one thicker and one thinner), but it is homemade due to budget. I think it may not be as comfortable as the beautifully flexible fabrics of the well known brands, but it works.

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We loved a ring sling (Maya Wrap) with our first and are planning to get another one but considering other brands since some are less expensive. It was pretty comfortable even in hot humid weather. I advise getting a print with some white in it so little spitups aren't so visible and you can get by with spot wsshing for months at a stretch, because it is a pain to wash the whole thing and then get it back through the rings.

DO NOT BOTHER WITH SEVEN SLINGS. I got a great discount coupon such that I only had to pay shipping, so I thought it was worth a try. Size is smaller than advertised. Return policy is horrible. Fabric is very stiff and scratchy and has a horrible chemical smell, although that may get better when we get around to washing it a million times. We decided to keep it for our son; he is enjoying wearing his stuffed animals to "practice" and it's possible this sling will work on himwith the baby--hard to tell since stuffed animals weigh so much less' they are not a realistic demo.
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My favorites for newborns were my Sakura Bloom ring sling and my Gypsy Mama (now Wrapsody I believe? I met her forever ago at a babywearing meeting) wrap. I have a solarveil taylor made ring sling and solarveil mei tai I am really thankful for with a May babe!  I have a decent stash, but DH said I could get at least one new one for the new baby as it's been over 4 years since I bought a carrier (and he knows I'll eventually sell and recoop some costs).

Once they are a little older (especially 4-8 months), I tend to switch to mei tais - love my BabyHawk and my Freehand. I still use my soft structured carriers (toddler patapum, ergo, and my fave is angelpack) with my 4.5 year old while hiking cause he can't quite keep up with the 7 year old and us... and in a pinch, I put the 7 year old in this summer (he was 6.5) on long hikes to give him a break.

I'm really looking forward to wearing regularly again!

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I love babywearing.  I had a moby and baby bjorn (I know, I know...but, ironically, he had hip dysplasia and would only fit in the baby bjorn for the first couple of months with his brace on) with my first.  Honestly, the moby intimidated me and I pushed it aside until my second was born.  I ended up mostly using a ring sling when my first was about 6 mos until about two.  

My second lived in the moby until he was about 5 months old, then I bought an ergo.  I have upgraded the moby to a je porte mon bebe (love it for small babies) and the ergo to a Tula (which...really doesn't do much for me).  I also have a woven wrap (storchenwiege), which I SO want to love, but I just don't like it.  It seems to be very rough to me; I would love to try a soft woven wrap.  

I also tried a k'tan (when I couldn't seem to get the hang of the Moby the first go-around) and didn't like it.  It's totally not adjustable.  So, you'll probably buy a larger size at the beginning, then lose some weight, and it will end up too saggy.  Not a fan at all.  

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is it a storch stripes? stripes are beastly and have to be beaten into submission. I wasnt found of the one that passed thru here. im getting a didy lisca for this baby. the lisca are raved as wonderful for newborns and are very thin and soft. I cant wait! there are lots of great newborn wraps on the fsot forum at thebabywearer.com. you could sell the storch and get something soft. or if you want to love your storch try steam iron, tumble drying with no heat with kids shoes covered in socks, running thru crib rails and making a wrap hammock for your older kids to play in by tying under and across your kitchen table. sleeping with it also helps, especially if you sweat when you sleep. weird but it works.
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YES!! It's a stripes! You know, I have had that thing for about 2.5 years and have tried all kinds of things to break it in. It doesn't feel that stiff, it's just a very thick, hard-to-tie piece of fabric. I will say one thing, it's beautiful and it looks as good as the day I got it. smile.gif thank you for the advice and suggestions!!
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You can always sell and get something soft... There are so many soft lovely wraps out there that'd take no breaking in. Like didy cotton indios, kokadis, ellevill organica are super thin and soft and would be great for a tiny in the summer. Or keep the storch for when baby is a toddler. The thing about wovens if you buy off a swap you can sell for what you paid so your cost is just shipping and pay pal fees so long as the wrap isn't damaged badly. If you want some help shopping the swap feel free to message me. I love sharing the woven love :-)
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