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How Auto repair shops and our healthcare (insurance) are similiar

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Ever since the unveiling and panic of what Obamacare is/costs/etc.  It really puts into perspective the cost to keep yourself and your family healthy.  Shouldn't we have a choice as a consumer of how much we are willing to spend on our own health?  If I went to auto shop for my brakes to be replaced and shop A: wanted to charge $800 vrs shop B: 400.  Which one would you go with?  We should be told upfront of the cost so we as the consumer can chose whether we want to go with that doctor vrs another. 


They want to rip us off blindly then it's time for us to be more educated in our decision.  I don't want to spend months paying off a simple procedure that possibly was cheaper at another doctor's office. 

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Absolutely!  I am still fuming over the dead battery in my car over a week ago.  Prior to that my car had been in for routine maintenance and the battery should have been checked!!


Anyway, the place where I take my car has consistently neglected to tell me what type of work they would be performing on the car after diagnosis and the cost.  In addition, they never call and give an update as to when the car will be finished.


I am in the process of finding a new repair shop.


As for Healthcare....absolutely.  Everything needs to be laid out up front.

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Well, I can see some merit in this, but there's also a certain amount of wiggle in health care that there is not with cars. With a car, a carburetor is a carburetor and the best procedure for replacing it can probably be agreed upon by anyone who might be doing so. And if they start to replace a part on your car and discover another problem, they can get in touch with you and figure out what you want to do before doing anything else about it. Whereas if there is a complication during surgery, it needs to be dealt with right away; they can't wait and say "Hey, we need to transfuse more blood, that'll make this more expensive, you cool with that?" Even if you need a C-section and so did your neighbor, that doesn't mean that the procedure will be done in exactly the same way with exactly the same equipment and drugs and expenses, nor should it be. 


In some cases, where it really is all the same wherever you go, you can get the prices up front. You can call several different pharmacies and get the cash price for 30 Amoxicillin without insurance. The plans are supposed to give you the prices if you have insurance, but it can kind of vary depending on the pricing structure (depending on if you pay a flat fee or a percentage, a drug may be cheaper at a pharmacy that charges less, etc.), which is irritating. 

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