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I had some spotting on Friday and Saturday, so my midwife called in an urgent ultrasound for this morning. The baby stopped growing (or never did grow) past six weeks. So now I'm just waiting to see what my body does to clear things up. I was cramping and bleeding a bit overnight, so we'll see if things just naturally happen on their own.
I never felt attached or like things were progressing, so this really wasnt a surprise. But I wanted it to be possible so badly.
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Hugs Oskar! HUGS! 

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Big hugs from me too. I'm so sorry for your loss. I hope you will heal fast.

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Oh, I am so sorry. What a sad thing to have confirmed. Love and light to you and your family. hug2.gif
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I'm so sorry, Osker. Praying for you.

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@osker I'm so so sorry.  Having just gone through the exact same thing, I can really only send hope and healing thoughts for an easy physical transition and for you to find whatever you need emotionally.  It's a terribly lonely place.  If you would like to chat, please feel free to PM me.  I just finished the cytotec and am in the final physical stages of things.  I hope you find peace soon.

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So sorry Osker.  Praying for healing for you and your family. 

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O mama, I'm so sorry *hugs*


This is so hard and I encourage you to find a close few people who can help you grieve this baby.


Praying for you <3

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Oh Osker, I wish things were not this way. I hope your body heals quickly and that you and your family are able to find peace and joy very soon.
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Osker, my heart breaks for you. I just went through a similar experience, but I opted for a D&C because I was 9 weeks. I know the pit of despair that you feel inside. Please take time to nurture yourself and understand that the hormone fluctuations (to me at least) have been similar to post-partum. I found myself crying when no one was around...and completely overwhelmed as to how to make a nice holiday/Christmas for my children. It helped to hire a housekeeper and enlist hubby's help with as much as I could delegate.

I just wanted to say I empathize with you...I hope your healing and recovery is smooth. Take care of yourself.
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So sorry, Osker. Sending love.

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so sorry for your loss.  thinking of you and your family.  :Hug

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So sorry. Wishing you peace and healing.
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Thank you everyone. Things have progressed well naturally, which has been a blessing. Also, the hormone crash that everyone told me was coming seems to have been a disappearance of all of the negative emotions that I had been having for the entire length of the pregnancy. The whole time Infelt I was under a black cloud, and now that has actually lifted and I feel so much better, relieved to have things progressing and hopeful about the future. I truly feel that my intuition knew that this was not a typical pregnancy and I had been mourning it all along. So to be finally clear of that and ready to move on just feels so good. I know my experience isn't what people usually feel, but it's good for me.
Blessings on all of you and thank you again.
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so glad you're at peace.  

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I'm in a similar position. I'm sorry for your loss. I'll see you in the Pregnancy and Birth Loss forum.

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