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All I want for Christmas is

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A glass of red wine. Is that so bad? I want it so bad. I know one glass of wine isn't going to give my baby FAS because Im not an idiot. I'm almost 31 weeks too.

Why do I feel bad having a single glass of wine even though I know it's not going to harm baby? Why have I internalized all this neo puritanical non scientific BS despite that I am, in other respects, intelligent and reasonable? Dh hinted that "Santa" is going to put a 1/2 bottle in my stocking. I can't wait to have a glass. What the hell has happened to our society? My mom said in th 70's the rule was "don't drink so much that you fall down". Apparently the thinking was that falling could hurt the baby!! I guess she was right as neither me nor my bro have FAS. ha ha. Anyway, I miss wine. I can't wait to be able to have a glass on Christmas. It's going to be awesome.

Is this controversial? Am I not allowed to admit that I like and want wine because I'm pregnant?

Why is pregnancy so hysterical?
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Oh gosh me too. Only I'm 23 weeks for some reason in my head I have told myself I can't have a glass until the third trimester. Although I have been taking sips from DH's often. I was so frightened when I found out I was pg because I had drank during the implantation and 1st week after stage. I know in my head that it is fine but I too have internalized this fear. Ugh!

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I drink when I want when pregnant.....which happens to be almost never. I have had  a glass of wine so far this pregnancy (13 weeks) and have had a beer or two with meals in past pregnancies. for me it is no big deal. Enjoy your wine!

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Thank you for being so reasonable. I have actually have heard people say that a single glass of wine could give my baby FAS.

Thankfully I have also heard some discussion about all the hysteria surrounding pregnancy too. heres a funny quote for example: "too much of many foods can be bad. If you have too many bananas, the excess potassium can be a real problem. But no doctor is going around saying 'No amount of bananas has been proven safe!'."

It's from this article:


I had a 4oz glass of red last night and it was lovely and I dont believe that my baby could now have FAS because of it!
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