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"Natural Calm" magnesium

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Is is okay during pregnancy? I have found different opinions across the internet and I have not yet seen my midwife.I have taken it regularly before I got pregnant...

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My MW had me take Magnesium all throughout my last PGcy to keep pre-term labor at bay. I've taken it this pregnancy as well.

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My previous mw suggested it to help with restless leg syndrome. I've taken it this pregnancy since very early on
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I'm a little late to this thread, but our bodies absorb magnesium better through the skin. The best thing, if you need magnesium, is to purchase magnesium flakes and make your own magnesium oil or purchase magnesium oil and apply lightly to backs of legs, tummy, on a daily basis. You will notice a big difference. Your bowel movements may also change, so be careful. 

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Magnesium citrate, magnesium glycinate and magnesium aspartate are all well absorbed with good bioavailability through the GI tract. 


Most supplements in standard multi-vitamins are magnesium oxide, which is non-chelated and poorly absorbed.


So far in this pg (I'm 8 wks), I rotate bw Mg citrate and Mg aspartate taking bw 200-400mg daily.  I have no constipation issues and my anxiety is gone (normally an anxious person, but I think I had a Mg deficiency).  I usually take it later in the evening and have had zero issues with sleep. 

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took it during my last pregnancy, while nursing and keeping it up this pregnancy.


also using magnesium oils when i can.  but w/ 5 littles running around, applying things topically that need to be washed off (showers are a treat) just doesn't happen as regularly as an evening beverage.  


working on it!

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