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Ok I need tips to deal with biting and hitting for a 2 year old. I know this can be normal behaviour. The situation is my cousin's boy who is 2 is biting and hitting my daughter who is 4. She goes there for daycare. My cousin knows what it is stemming from he is having speech problems and can't communicate very well and is getting therapy. But in the meantime it would be really nice if the behaviours could be decreased. They live in a really small house so separating the two is not an option. Also I am taking him and his brother for the weekend and I would like a few tricks up my sleeve.

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The Daycare part will be hard because you will need your cousin on the same page with you. 

Issues with communicating or not she should have dealt with this already if it's an ongoing process.

However you may see more with the little boy being with you this weekend as he may respond better to someone else telling him that biting isn't good and that it hurts. 

Try and catch him when he's being good, tell him how sad it makes her and you when he bites, remove him and have him do something else. I am big on removing privileges. And first and foremost make sure it doesn't get to that point. It will require a lot of watching and intervening but your daughter shouldn't be in a position that she's being bit in the first place. You and your cousin need to be with them or have the biter with you if you have to be elsewhere until they can learn to use other means of communicating frustration. 

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Working on the communication will decrease the behavior. Redirect as much as you can, and model alternative ways of communicating frustration that are more acceptable. Praise him when he's doing well. These basic mind sets helped me deal with my son when he was going through this phase. It is normal and will fade when he learns better ways to communicate with others.
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As a previous member mentioned, communication is the key. I know the weekend is past now, but next time (and every time after!) get down to his level, hold his arm gently, or just put your hand on his shoulder (some form of touch) and look him in the eye. Then use his name as you tell him that biting is no good and it hurts people. Ask him directly to stop. Using this "three sensory" approach is really effective because they can't ignore you.


I learned this technique in a little book called "Toddler Parenting" by Laura Stewart (Amazon, only ~$5). For its size it's packed with great info without the fluff. Maybe you could buy the paperback and lend it to your cousin!

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