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Safe herbal supplements for hypothyroid while breastfeeding??

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I'm pretty sure my thyroid is low, I'm 8 weeks postpartum and in the past month I've gained back 5 pounds (after losing all my pregnancy weight in a week)  and have all the symptoms of hypothyroidism-- most noticeably my hands and feet are always freezing, my temperature runs consistently low at 97.1, fatigue (although that's definitely a general pp sign), feeling anemic (i'm not anymore, and i supplement like crazy), dry skin, sparse outer eyebrows (they've shed even more since birth), etc.... and I need to do something about it.


I'm pretty familiar with what herbs support the kidneys, liver, adrenals and thyroid (got to help all of them together to be effective) .. but as far as what is SAFE for breastfeeding, i'm pretty lost. I know that bladderwrack (kelp) which is the recommended source of iodine for the thyroid is contraindicated for breastfeeding. When i google the names of herbs and whether or not they're safe it just says check with dr... it has to say that for just about every supplement and herb in existence though! 


Does anyone have personal experience using a blended herbal thyroid support formula while breastfeeding? Which one did you use? Did you have any symptoms with baby or you? Was it effective?


the main herbs that i know are effective for thyroid are:





bladderwrack (apparently not recommended, but i'm sure eating lots of seaweed for the iodine will be fine)





Other things you can do for low thyroid are taking probiotics, going gluten free and avoiding food that contain goitrogens (uncooked) like kale, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, radishes, peanuts, etc.


I really don't want to go the western route of blood tests and medication, I know my body well and I don't need a blood test to tell me something is off.

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I don't really use herbs for treatment (sorry) but I think Kellymom is often a really good source of advice for breastfeeding contradictions. Have you checked there? 

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Maca Root

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ashwaganda is not good for breast-feeding

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