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To all of you who use Facebook bc you're mostly on your phone...
Hmmm that's strange bc I always use my smartphone for mdc with no problem. Just wondering...Are you sure you're on the mobile site? If so, What are the difficulties you face? Trying to help out bc I don't have a problem with it And I always use my phone. In fact, I don't even have a computer so I'm truly never on it. Makes me wonder just *how easy* fb is, lol.
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I'm here too! I check every couple of days and also didn't know there was a Facebook group....I feel that some of the threads just don't apply to me and when I have a question/comment I create a new one....I do agree it'd be nice to see more new topics/threads coming up more often here.

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I also am on MDC on my phone a lot and find the mobile site pretty easy! 

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I check in periodically.  I check the mothering site via my phone, but have had trouble finding the DCC forums, so I havn't posted much.  I just subscribed to the April DCC forum so I'll be able to find this group easier via mobile.  I'm also due late April the 28th.  But I also joined the May DCC.  I have found that neither is really active, I guess because everyone has migrated to facebook.  I didn't know there was a facebook group.  How can I be added? 

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If you pm me your FB email and name I can add you!
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It's not that it's difficult to log into MDC on my iphone. It's that I have to open a browser, type in the address, log in, and it's too many steps and honesty a pain to even remember to to a website. I prefer facebook because I have the app, I'm on it anyway, and I get notifications when people post to the group. It just keeps it simple.

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Im here.. Im on FB more too. but I do check in here every now and then... talking about FB... what is the FB group??? Id like to be added ;)

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I still check in here every once in a while but I am more active on fb for the same reasons mentioned above

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If you message me or anyone who has vocalized being in the fb group your email associated.with fb,.we can add you! New people are still coming in. The groupis set to private for now.
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Also, i do feel badfor those, awesome.enough.to not be.on.fb! It is an easier.site.to use and.navigate. and unfortunately.these.ddc's get.archived and shit.down.within a year. My ddc.from my 3rd baby is so important to me that the.move.to.fb.was.the.only way to.stay in touch and its.actually much more.personable. i hope as many as.possible will join.us!
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My "smart" phone does not like MDC. I'm typing now from mobile and cantvsee what I'm typing. When I try to quote it sticks me at the top of the quote and doesn't like to scroll down. That is why I use the FB page almost exclusively. I'm mobile 95% of the time.
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I am usually on facebook because of business and other groups I am active in.  MDC is easy on my iphone, you have to be on the mobile site for sure.  I will make a conscious effort to check in more often :)

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Hi! I was just popping by this DDC from the March one (I'm due 3/24) because it is SOOOOOO QUIET over there!!! I thought there might be action here!! And, as far as I know, there is no FB group for March either! I think people must be moving away from these forums somewhat, probably using their FB more or other social media instead!

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Oh my gosh, that's funny porcelina bc I had thought this ddc was the quietest one ever. I had been part of 2 others and there was always stuff going on. I frequently go to the may ddc bc that one is lot more active, and even thought of switching to there but I want to be with the women who are closer in pregnancy with me, if you know what I mean. Too funny that your ddc is even quieter!
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I'm new and just recently joined! :) 
Philothea, I love your picture! There are so many lovely pictures of the Blessed Mother breastfeeding... I really want to get one for my bedroom. :)

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Ladies! A very active group of us is on facebook! Shoot me your email and I can add you if you're on Fb 

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@porcelina there is a FB group for both march and april. (I'm in both because my EDD was changed halfway through from late march to early april). you can message me your email if you would like to be added. I can't remember if both are secret or closed or not.

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The group is no longer secret, btw, just closed... feel free to message me and I will send you the link to join the FB group.


As for me, the primary reason that I have been active there and not here is b/c I simply check into FB more often AND it there is much more privacy there. I would not have been comfortable posting some things here that I have shared there. It's been a really great group and I think that we will be active long-term to some degree or another, and it's not too late to join!


Not to take away anything from the DDC here at Mothering, but I just appreciate the privacy and "immediacy" of FB....

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