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Anyone else have children all one gender?

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I have five sons. I am so afraid to have another boy as we have used all of the names we like. All my boys have two middle names. Part of my conditions for birthing a sixth child was to have a boys name in place.....well this baby was a complete SURPRISE! My husband wants a daughter so badly I am horrified at the idea of our last destroying that dream. Yet I am also afraid that I will not know how to be a good mother to a daughter as my own mother and I have never been close. My second child was a girl but she died at 38 weeks in utero, my fear of the baby being a girl is intensified by this experience. I am not sure I would be able to handle losing another child like that. we have had testing to rule out any gender specific genetic causes for the loss of my only daughter...but it still bothers me, what if I cannot birth a healthy baby girl?  I am sure most of this is irrational but my lover just does not understand where I am coming from....Thoughts?

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Oh I know all will turn out fine especially if you have had tests done . Having such a loss such as this bring up such emotional stuff for all of us. I am sorry for your previous loss.
There are many mother-daughter relationship books out there. Perhaps read a few to out your mind at ease that you will be an awesome mom to a girl.
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I have 5 boys as well, and have wondered too if the two babies I lost were girls. It was too early to tell. My husband and boys really want a girl, but I am excited about the thought of 6 boys... or a girl. Either will be neat in its own way. I really like being a mommy to boys, but know a girl would be an adventure, too.

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I have 3 girls. This is baby number 4. The girls are all hoping for a 4th girl, but last time they were both hoping for a boy. I was certain #3 would be a boy and shocked (and thrilled!!) that she wasn't. I love having 3 girls. Another girl would work so well with hand-me-downs, room sharing, and so on. So, in a way I'm hoping for another girl, but this is most likely my last pregnancy, and I would love to have a son. I always assumed I'd have a mix of boys and girls.
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Same here FlowerofBliss. We have 2 girls so far and it would just be great having another baby girl. On No.2 I was hoping for a boy to have a pair but this time around I guess a girl would just fit in better economically. But afterall as long as the baby is healthy gender does not really matter and we would be proud either way.

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