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too much milk from pumping

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I went back to work 3 weeks ago. I pump 3 times in my 8.5 hour work day and am away from home 9 hours. I pump 18-20oz. each day. My little one eats half that. My freezer is full and i can't donate the milk due to a health issue. I don't want my supply to decrease for the evenings and weekends but don't need this much milk. I probably have 200oz in the freezer already. Would pumping only twice a day lower my supply too much? But even that would be more milk than my LO could drink.
I think i have a bit of oversupply...
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I'm not an expert or even a veteran pumper but I have pumped off and on and I don't think cutting back to twice a day when you have that much extra already would drop your supply to the point where you would be on the low supply end. I have an over supply issue when I breastfeed. After I had my stillborn I had to pump because of how much milk I had come in. DH ended up feeding the extra milk to the yard cat, she loved it! Probably the healthiest stray cat ever!       (('til our dogs killed it ...))

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Oh I'm so sorry about your loss. That has to be one of the worst experiences anyone could experience.

Thanks for your thoughts. That is what I'm thinking too. I'm hoping to get some concensus and maybe try it for a few days. My first pumping of the day would actually be enough milk but there's no way i could make it until the end of the day with engorged leaking boobs.
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As someone who has been there I don't recommend dropping now. But a chest freezer for the time being ;resale is easy. Your pumping output will drop a lot in the next or two and your babies intake will go up.
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I've now been back over two months i dId slowly reduce time pumped but it barely changed my output. she isn't eating more while I'm gone. The garage freezer is getting full too. It is way too much milk!
What happened to you when you cut bsck?
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She won't increase her consumption. Breastfed babies always eat roughly the same amount each day; the milk gets more concentrated. How long do you pump each session? I recommend checking out the Kellymom website. They recommend pumping every 3 hours while you are away. Since you are away just 9 hours, you may be able to do 2 sessions. You may also want to consult with a LC to get the best info. It seems to me that your body makes milk on supply and demand, if your baby doesn't demand as much during the day, your body could make less. Your body learns what times it needs to make milk. If you cut back on pumping during the day, your body may still make plenty of milk for the times you are with your baby and want to nurse.
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I cut down to 6 minutes three times a day and was bringing home 17-19 oz. still. This week I've been doing 2 sessions of 8 minutes and bringing home 13-14 oz.
I've read kellymom and gone to llli. There isn't much about pumping with over supply. It makes me nervous because i want to reduce what I'm pumping but not so much that i have trouble on the weekends. Its such a balancing act.
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