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Experiences with sage tea?

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I pump exclusively and have a bad oversupply problem. I pump five 15-min. sessions a day and make far more than my 3-mo son could eat. Even if I brought my supply down by 20 oz per day, which is my goal, I would still make more than my son needs. I understand that moms who pump exclusively have a harder time bringing their supply back up if needed, so I still want to produce more than what my son needs.

After trying the emptying and block schedule method unsuccessfully, I am considering going with sage tea to reduce my supply. Has anyone tried this, especially anyone who pumps a lot or exclusively? Any advice?
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I might consider the herbal path if everything else you have tried doesn't work. Have you considered donating your extra milk? That can be really helpful to someone else.

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How about pumping for only 12 minutes or so? This should bring your supply down slowly.With any herbs, I'd be worried about cutting it down too much.
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I would do it. Start with 1/4 cup a day, and see from there. I have no personal experience, but if I am so lucky as to get to birth another babe, I plan to use sage tea from the start. I have tried different things with my first two littles, and struggled with oversupply both times. I have spoken about this with several midwives/co-workers, as well as an herbalist and several LLL Leader peers, and all actually recommended trying it, starting with a low dose. 

Donating is a good idea too, but I totally understand wanting to just calm the production a little bit! Good luck. 

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All helpful suggestions, thanks! I'm In the process of donating some of what I've already pumped, but stemming the supply is a must. Oversupply has been at the expense of my own health and ability to care for my own LO, what with 10 plugged ducts and two cases of mastitis. It even impacted him negatively before I figured out how to balance his foremilk/hindmilk intake. Thanks again!
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