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End of Dec./January Chat

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Hope everyone is enjoying their holidays! It can be tough with the early pregnancy symptoms. We had a nice holiday, the kids got way too many presents. I had a dream last night that I was having a miscarriage and that was upsetting. I remember having a dream of that sort when I was pregnant with my daughter, too. This one was a lot different, I think it was caused by anxiety of having our first ultrasound tomorrow. I'm excited about that! We are also doing the harmony screening, so within a few weeks I would imagine we'll know if we're adding a sister or brother to the family! I'm very excited. I usually have a strong intuition (and was right both times) and this time I don't really feel so sure. I was positive it was a girl at first, and then positive it was a boy two weeks ago, and now I'm back to mentally stopping myself from saying "she". I made the appointment so DH could go see the ultrasound with me, but last night one of his teeth started hurting and he is in excruciating pain right now. He has a lot of problems with his teeth, but I've never seen him in so much pain. It's really difficult to not be able to do anything. I am hoping we can get him in for a root canal asap, but that means I'll probably be going to the appointment alone, which is a bummer. And it was the only appointment they had until next year, which is when my good insurance ends and my secondary with have to take over. No fun.


I also have a big cold sore on my lip. I hate it! I don't know what you can do in pregnancy, so I'm going to text my midwife tomorrow and hopefully they'll be able to do something. We just moved back to Oregon, and the doctor I used to see is only doing postpartum now, so I will have to see a brand new doctor if I need a prescription. It bums me out so much to deal with these. I don't get them often at all, but I have been eating a lot more sugar than usual (weird pregnancy sweet tooth + holiday treats) and under a lot of stress. Plus I think mine might be triggered by hormones, because I got one right after giving birth to DS. Anyone else deal with this?

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Oh no! I'm so sorry about the cold sore--hopefully they can find a good, safe way to take care of it so you can heal and feel better! I also hope your DH can get his teeth fixed. There's something so awful about trying to see doctors over the end of the year. I'm trying to decide if I should attempt to make an appointment this next week or just wait until January. But enjoy the ultrasound! I hope your little bean is looking just perfect in there!

I'm sad to be stuck at work--maternity leave last year cut down my vacation time this year, so I don't get to have today and tomorrow off, even though I would really like to spend more time with some people who are in from out of town. And the first trimester is officially over! but I still feel tired and grouchy. Hopefully that will ease up soon!
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There's lysine lip balms/ointments for cold sores. For me it seems to lessen the severity and duration. The sooner you start with it the better
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There are prescription cremes for cold sores that are okay when you are pregnant.  I'm not a big fan of unneccessary medications, but when I wake up in the night with my lip bleeding...  I have yet to find a natural remedy that really works. I tend to get them after dental appointments, so I generally have a tube on hand.  Good luck!

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Hi Moms! My midwife was here this morning. She tried and tried to find the baby to get the heart beat, but never could. She was very confident that everything is fine though. She could hear a healthy placenta and feel the uterus. She will be back next Friday to try again. 


Mareseatoats, how was the u/s? Is your DH okay?

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Just saw your post. There are cold sore patches available too. Just works with moisture and does not have an active ingredient. Works miracles. Last pregnancy I got like 3 in a row and it was aweful because we hug and kiss a lot. With these patches I did not have to worry so much about infecting anyone too and it does heal a lot faster than with any ointment etc.

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I hate getting up. If I sit or lay down for more than five minutes I HEAVE for a good 5 minutes once I finally get up. This leads me to sitting on my rear for WAY too long and NOTHING gets done! ARGH!
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Fell down the last couple of stairs this morning with my youngest in my arms. Bend my leg all awkwardly but luckily got away with just some big bruises. But my left buttock hurts quite a bit and it feels very uncomfortable to sit down. This year of 2013 has been a really bad one for our family and I can only say 'Good riddance'! I am hoping dearly that next year will be so much better.

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Oh Minerva! I'm so sorry, and glad you're mostly ok! That's terrifying. If it keeps hurting, sometimes a chiropractor can help with things like that. Last pregnancy I got some weird persistent pains in my tailbone that they managed to fix without having to adjust that far down my spine (thank goodness--I've heard that hurts!)
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Ouch, Minerva! Hope you heal fast.


Mareseatoats, I'm wondering how the US went, too? I dreamt twice last night (DS is sick so I was up a lot last night), that I miscarried. I don't know what's brought on the sudden anxiety, but waiting for next weeks apt has me a little on edge. I still have some symptoms (mainly hunger now), but the majority of the sickness is gone (which I know is normal for around the 12 wks mark), and I'm grateful for feeling better.

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Thanks for all the advice re the cold sore! The patches sound really interesting, I'm going to have to see if I can find out more about those. I ended up using Abreva just once per day and iced it the night the sore came out, and it healed up quickly. Thank goodness, it's so uncomfortable and I get so worried about spreading it. I didn't even realize it was a cold sore until this past year, although I've gotten it (always in the same place, with lots of itching) since I was five or six. My mom gets them and calls them "infected nerve endings" and never a cold sore. I think she's in denial about it. I am sure I got it from her and would hate to pass it on to anyone.


Prettyisa, how are you feeling now? I'm sorry you had to go back to work right after Christmas, that is tough. Last year DH had to go out of town the day after Christmas and it was such a bummer. 


Texasfarmom, that's great about the healthy placenta! I never really realized you can hear them, but I guess that makes sense. I never had much luck with hearing my babies' heartbeats until after 10 weeks. You'll have to let us know on Friday if you get to hear your little bean! 


Thanks for asking about DH. He got some antibiotics and pain meds and is feeling much better. I guess he needs something more complicated than a root canal, because he had a crown there, so he has to wait for a specialist to be available. But he's not in much pain now, so that's okay.


The ultrasound was great! My dates were spot on and the baby looked great, heartbeat right up at 180bpm. I have always had an ultrasound in my 9th week of pregnancy and it was funny because I felt like the baby looked much more humanish this time, whereas before I always thought they looked like adorable puppies or teddy bears. 


Bentlaj11, I'm sorry you had those dreams. They can be so upsetting. I had one about miscarrying when I was pregnant with my daughter that still makes me shudder a little. I would guess that your sleep pattern being disturbed is what is causing/allowing you to remember your dreams. I know the dreams I usually remember are ones that I have early in the morning, between wakings. I hope you have a great appointment and it eases your mind a bit, and hope your DS is feeling better soon!


MommaCrystal, that sounds awful! If you get up really slowly with your chin to your chest does it help at all?


Minerva, that is so scary! Glad everything is (mostly) okay. 2014 is very welcome, I am hoping it brings a lot of positive changes for us, too. So exciting that we are now in the year our babies will be born into!

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The brand name for those cold sore patches in the US is Abreva Conceal invisible cold sore patch. They are non-medicated. Here they are called compeed and once I feel a cold sore coming I just put it on and change it 3 times a day until the sore is gone. Works miracles for me.


The fall was pretty scary too. My right leg still hurts but the bruising is already barely visible. It was those last three steps. I ended up on my butt there and then thumping them down one by one with my right leg bent backwards.

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Minerva--ugh. still glad you're ok. That would be terrifying. There's so much snow here right now that I'm afraid to go up and down my front steps.

Mares--glad it went away, and sorry to hear about your DH--that sucks. I hope they figure out how to fix him quickly!

I'm fine, still way more exhausted than I feel like I should be. I've got my next appointment a week from tomorrow, so I'm planning to ask her if there's anything I should be doing differently. I've been a little lazy on the iron supplements, but I guess I'll have to be more diligent. Last night I had a second dream about having a little boy--we were snorkeling, which was odd, but pleasant. Only one boy, though, about the age my daughter is now. I had one really early on about a tiny baby boy, but that's it so far. When I had DD I only had dreams about her being a girl, and in several of them she told (or confirmed) her name, even before we were set on it, so it's making me nervous that there aren't two babies in these dreams, but I think I'm probably reading too much into it.
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Minerva and Mares I'm thinking of you.  


Lisa I always get stuck on dreaded Iron supplements.  How far are you?  I usually find I need them about week 20ish.  But this time I'm trying hard to bone up on iron with my food.  


I crossed the 10 week mark and I'm wondering if the haze is starting to lift?  Or am I just having a good day?

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So the general chat kind of fell off the page a bit. But this doesn't go in any particular category, so here I am!

Got to see the little beans today at the regular appointment. Apparently you can't differentiate easily between two heartbeats with a doppler, so it's easier to just do ultrasounds to check in. It was really reassuring! I had been thinking that maybe there was a problem (no reason to think that, just an overactive imagination) so seeing them both moving around and apparently whole (she didn't do any measuring, but they had brains and spines and limbs and all of the things you want in a baby) made us feel a lot better.

How's everyone handling the crappy weather? That's an unfortunately universal statement these days. I'm pretty sure...
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Prettyisa, that is so exciting! Feel free to post a picture if you want to. It's so good to see a healthy ultrasound, especially before you feel any movement. I know what you mean about the overactive imagination, I've been having little pockets of anxiety too. Shouldn't be too long now before we're all feeling lots of baby gymnastics. 

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That is great news! Glad to hear that the twins are doing fine. I think the worries come by themselves at the beginning of the second trimester. Nausea gone, belly not so big yet and unsure if it is baby moving or just gas. Cannot wait till my next appointment to hear that everything is just peachy and baby growing fine. I was hoping to take it a little bit more laid back this time. Guess that doesn't work.

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Popping in to say hi -- I haven't posted much here, as mothering and my browser don't seem to get along and my text keeps glitching. Annoying! But I enjoy reading how everyone is doing.

I never knew you could do any thing for a cold sore. I've avoided any this year, phew.

I'm being lazy with my iron, too. I took it faithfully for about a month, was feeling much better, and so of course I started forgetting to take it. My RLS is starting up again, and I think that means I need the iron again.

My next appointment is on Monday; I'll be 15 weeks. I'm hoping my anatomy u/s will be scheduled then. We have 5 boys and 1 girl, and if this is a girl, I want to know so I can startggetting girl clothes. My girl is 9 and we recently got rid of our girl stuff. If it's a boy, I want to know so I can start looking for a name. I think we're out of boy names.
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Mares--I wish I had one! We weren't expecting the u/s, so I didn't even think about it until we were out of the room already. Oh well. Probably we'll have one at the next appointment that can tell us the sexes, too, which will be new for us since last time we waited to find out at birth.

Minerva--me, too! I thought that having been through it before I'd be totally confident this time. Nope. But at least I have less anxiety about what it'll do to my body than I did the first time.

Brisen--We're having so much trouble thinking of a second boy's name, I can't even imagine trying to come up with 6. For some reason girl names are super easy for me and boys are all but impossible. It doesn't help that we don't have any good family names to use--they all either evoke famous people (like, our kid would have the same name as a very famous author), are too old fashioned for us (Gilbert, Ernest. both cool, but we're not there yet), or are still attached to living people, which is a bit of a taboo in my family.
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