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I'm Worried

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At what point does fetal movement decrease? It seems like baby girl used to be in constant motion, but now I have to think about when the last time I felt her move was. She still moves, but not nearly as frequently. The other day i took ibuprofen, which i read is a huge no No in the third trimester, so that is adding to my Anxiety. I'm 34 weeks.

Also, my hands and feet are incredibly swollen. To the point where they hurt, and I can't make a tight fist. They say its not a huge concern if my face is not swelling, but today I laid down for 8 hours before my hands felt better. And I'm afraid to eat anything, since I'm sure the salt contributes to the water retention. I have never felt more uncomfortable, and this is my fourth child.

Should I be concerned? Any suggestions to alleviate the pressure of the swelling? I'm starting to feel it in my knees too.
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I have some pretty good swelling some days too. It is probably normal unless it is severe, but no one seems to say what severe is!!! I had a really bad headache too, so I used my dad's BP machine to check. It was fine. I was just freaking myself out. You can always go try the drug store BP machine, but make sure you sit there and rest before you take it, take it a couple of times, and try to be calm.

As for movement, I have noticed a big shift in the past couple of weeks. I am getting smaller movements most of the day with long quiet streches and only a few super active times- usually right around 4PM. He must have a clock in there or something. A few times I have felt him start up, and thought, "is it that late already?" And sure enough 4PM. Also, not as much kicking/punching, and a lot more rolling/stretching.

My midwife said that moms know their baby best and if you notice a big change, to check in.
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I rembwr last time days would go by where I wouldn't feel any movement. It was scary but ds was totally fine!

As for the swelling, my yoga teacher said to do circles with the feet to help with that, plus massages of course.

From what is read re swelling is dangerous if its in the face and is accompanied by headaches, then it could be eclampsia.

I think drinking water is very important too.
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I think they start to run out of room to do wild flips and lots of crazy movement as you get past 32 weeks.  Usually, most babes have settled into a head down position by then.  And the swelling is totally normal unless you have other funky symptoms accompanying it.  Salt intake plays a huge role for me, and if I eat a ton of salt, I can expect my feet to look like potatoes the next day.  But, I also think mamas that carry extra weight tend to have swelling, regardless of what they eat, so it just depends on the person.  I wonder if compression stockings can help the uncomfortable pressure and swelling in your legs?  I'm sure elevating them does something temporarily, but I think once you stand up again, everything drains back down again. 


Maybe go out and get something affirming to read?  I have been feeling really nervous about labor lately and I went out to get some books from the library that were positive and affirming.   Vagina power boo yah!

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How are you doing now, finallyfour? Better, I hope? Were you able to check with your care provider? I would run it by them just to make sure everything is still in line. 

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Thanks for checking on me. I think the movement issue is ok, the swelling goes down significantly on nights I don't have to work, but I'm still waking up a couple times a night because my arms/hands have fallen asleep and are tingling badly from me sleeping on the arteries, I think. You know those pressure points they tell you to push in First Aid if you are bleeding heavily? I'm pretty sure I'm sleeping on those because it's awfully painful when it wakes me up. And my hands are usually still swollen in the mornings, more so on my right side than my left. Does anyone else have this issue?


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My hands are usually swollen in the mornings too. They go down throughout the day, but I have switched to wearing my wedding ring on a chain.

My feet sometimes take a couple of days to go down, but I have figured outwhich shoes (or is it the socks) make it get really bad, so I'm avoiding those now. Work can bite me if the shoes I can wear aren't dressy enough.
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The light switched on this morning. I have Carpal Tunnel and it is frightening me.
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Carpal tunnel in pregnancy isn't that uncommon. It should resolve after the baby is born. I would just continue to keep your care provider in the loop about it. Fluid retention doesn't have anything to do with weight gain imo. I gained 50 lbs with my daughter and none of it was fluid. (I have no idea where it all even WAS but it wasn't fluid retention.)


Do you have a body pillow? That might help you find a sleeping position that is more comfortable. 

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