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Christmas wrap-up: Mellow? Or meltdown?

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We had a bit of both.


How did your family fare? :lurk

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Christmas was mostly mellow.  We had a potential stumbling block regarding time given to each side of the family, but it was really stupid and it blew over almost before it started.  That discussion/argument is so old that it seems routine.  


We got some nice things, only a couple presents got screwed up, and the slippers just won't go on my kids' feet so they will have to be returned.  I am tired now and really just want green salad for the next couple days.  :-)



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Mellow :joy


It was just the three of us Christmas morning. We opened stockings and had bacon and cran-orange banana walnut bread for breakfast. My Mom came home for dinner with one of my siblings and we had cannelloni that had been made ahead of time for dinner.


We'll have company this weekend and exchange a few gifts. But we're doing our household gift exchange on the 12th day of Christmas. It's really nice not having to be entirely ready for Christmas on the 25th:-) 

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Mostly mellow here. For some reason DD2 was a bit fragile all day and I got a bit cranky with DD1 in the evening but, other than that, it was a very nice day.

DD2 slept through lunch which was a bit of a shame but only for me really. She didn't care :-)
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Nicely mellow here, even the time at my in laws. That was almost shocking... 

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Things seemed busy but mellow, but both the girls started melting down last night.  DD1 was first and the most intense, blaming her sister for everything.  But we were able to start bedtime early, thanks to being home Christmas Day, and fell asleep hard and fast.  Much better day today.  


Glad to hear about so many mellow Christmases from others.  

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Mellow until nighttime, then went south a bit. It wasn't so much the kids melting down, but that I was running on 2 hours sleep and totally lost my patience for over-wound children/referee ability towards the end.
Great Christmas overall though smile.gif Even the inlaws kept their crazy under control, which is very rare on holidays.
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It was amazingly mellow this year. DD2 was a little wild (she's sniffling today, so I think she was coming down with something). DD1 had a meltdown at bedtime, over a toy that wasn't working properly. Otherwise, things were very peaceful.

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I'm so glad it's over. As always really stressful to get ready for. Not so bad during event.
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So mellow and so fun!

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Mellow and fun, but somehow still exhausting!  I'm doing nothing buy relaxing and a bit of neatening today!

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I'll be honest. I don't really like Christmas much any more. My childhood Christmases were all Hallmark-y, Normal Rockwell-y and warm and wonderful and I never seem to be able to recreate that. Both my parents are gone now and I have a very strained relationship with my brother. My sister lives out of state.  Every year Christmas just brings up a lot of feelings of not being able to live up to what I had in my childhood — this year more than most since Mom passed this Oct. But I held my meltdown in check. DH was sick, so I had to do it all myself.  But I think the kids had a nice mellow Christmas and it's really all about them. It was just the 4 of us at home.


We're headed down to MIL's today for a get together with DH's dysfunctional side. Last year MIL had a tearful meltdown, but she promises it's just going to be "low-key" this year. We'll see. She's actually a great MIL, but a little high strung. She asked everyone when they would like to get together and DH's sibs and grown nieces and nephews picked this weekend, so she's been planning for that, but she called us on Christmas night to say what a lonely Christmas day she had. (DH's sibs and most of the grown nieces and nephews all live in the same town as MIL. ) She posted on facebook so all her kids and grandkids could see, "So glad this Christmas Day is over." Way to guilt-trip, MIL!

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It's still not over for me. We had Xmas eve with my mom, stepdad and aunt, then Xmas day with my cousins at my aunt's. Yesterday my brother came into town, so Xmas with my dad's side is today. One more birthday party and adult sibling outing to go before we head out of town for New Year's. Most of it is really fun overall, but we are currently dealing with trying to get elderly relatives to move closer (getting to where they can't drive & they live where there is no public transportation) and that is pretty stressful because they are against the idea.

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Mellow and close to perfection.


My mom slept over Christmas eve (and cleaned my whole house for me! What a present that was..) we went to New York to visit DH's side of the family and had snacks and fun..than came home and put the babies to sleep and stayed up late wrapping. Christmas morning was perfect - the right amount of gifts to make the kids feel tingly and happy but not overwhelmed....and family came and we ate/opened more gifts and had a blast. Really enjoyed myself! Now we are in the aftermath of leftovers and things to play with! 

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Originally Posted by katelove View Post

For some reason DD2 was a bit fragile all day

Same here -- my 5yo was really sensitive. She has a cold, and even though Christmas Day was just the 4 of us at home all day, she seemed overstimulated and kept getting upset. DH and I handled it well though -- we were determined to have a nice day, so we didn't get wrapped up in her stuff too much, and it passed eventually.

Yesterday was actually much tougher. I finally succumbed to the cold I'd been fighting off all week, and DD had post-holiday letdown and was a nightmare all day, and I just didn't have the energy to maintain the chipper attitude I had on Christmas. Hopefully today will be better.
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