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How many sets of sheets is reasonable?

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Okay, if the person who designed my house was standing in front of me, I just might kick him/her in the shin. With 4 bedrooms, how did it not make sense to include more than one teeny tiny linen closet??

I have struggled for years with trying to fit everything I need to in this closet- towels, sheets, blankets and a curtain panel or 2- for a family of 6. And I'm still struggling. Everywhere else is organized and decluttered. So tell me how many sets of sheets you have and why it works for you. We have 1 king, 1 toddler, and 3 twin beds. Live where it never gets super cold, so we don't need big down or wool blankets, etc. Plus we keep our home warmer than most at night.

Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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I would have two sets per mattress (unless you have special winter flannel ones). Keep each set in the room it belongs too, on the high shelf in the closet if there is one. Bundle the two sheets and pillow cases together as one so it is easy to keep together.

Doing this will free up lots more space in the linen closet for other things and keep the sheets closer when you need to make the bed.
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Hey they could all go in one of the pillow cases!
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I'd just add an extra sheet for any kiddo still working on staying dry overnight smile.gif
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Three. One to sit in the wash. One to be in the linen closet and one on the bed.
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Two for the grown ups and three for kids.
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I love linens, but my dislike of clutter is stronger than my love for linens.

Here's my rule: one set per bed + one extra set per size of bed.

So, in your case, I would probably have two king sets, two toddler sets, and four twin sets.

That means that each bed has sheets, and there is one spare set for any middle of the night emergencies that may arise. If two kids in twin beds end up sick on the same night, then the second one can sleep on top of a blanket instead of sheets until the morning.

I wash the sheets once a week. When I wash them, I take them off the beds and immediately into the washer. The beds sit naked for a bit. And then I make the beds again when I return from the laundromat. I did this even when I had a washing machine/dryer in my home. It works just fine

There's no need to have piles of dirty sheets sitting around waiting to be washed. Don't take them off if you're not ready to wash them. And if they are so dirty that they NEED to be washed--then do them rather than leaving them on the floor!
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I agree with rRNA. On,y one set extra per size of bed. For a while I only had one set of sheets per bed and would just strip the bed, wash and put right back on. The problem was if someone got sick. We ave had to sleep on top of a blanket before.
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Thanks ladies! I am going to go with one set on each bed and one spare set per bed. We've had 4 kids with the stomach virus at once before and just use extra blankets (even the couch blankets, if necessary) until the laundry is caught up. I am also keeping some extra towels in a bin in my closet- which is HUGE but has no shelves- because we need extra towels more often than extra sheets (a 200lb dog and 75lb dog can track in a lot of mud and get super wet when it rains! I do not tolerate clutter anywhere else in the house, and it feels so good to have the linens managed now!!! :energy

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For our toilet training age child we have a plastic mat/sheet and keep the spare sheet underneath it on the bed.  That way if there are any accidents in the night, we take off the top sheet and the plastic mat and the bed is already made underneath and we don't have to wake ourselves up more to make the bed again and is one less thing in the linen closet.

Works well as they usually only have one accident per night, might not be as helpful when they are sick and need several changes.

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I do the just one extra set per bed thing as well and use a tip I'd seen years ago, maybe here? Fold the sheet set with pillowcases long and skinny so it's still pretty flat and store under the mattress. Not only does this save linen closet room and keep the sheets right next to where I'll use them but it also has the added benefit of me having to lift the mattress to access them.... this means I go ahead and turn/flip the mattress. So I have less clutter AND keep our mattress care up by default. Love it! 

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What a neat idea!
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I would say that three is the magic number here. Believe me, this way it always works. Don't go for less number of it, you'll end up buying more anyways.

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