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food seeds... I like that brittneyleahc!


That was mostly what we had in our house too up until when my husband's parents moved in with us last winter to farm together.  we are lucky enough to not really have any dietary concerns so I tried to always have a couple of quick meals stashed just in case.  but now i have such a hard time because my mother in law does most of the managing of the kitchen and pantry and their style is so much processed, pre-cut, pre-packaged, american cheese slices, etc.  It's really hard for me to try and teach my kids things like american cheese is bad for you and ramen noodles is just not a filling lunch and fresh veggies and fresh food is just simply better for you because i'm always afraid of offending my in-laws!


my father in law has started (after 35 years of marriage...) to try and learn to cook but he won't chop just about anything.  if it's not pre-packaged or canned he just can't handle it it seems sometimes.  


or they'll use a dehydrated soup mix and add so much other stuff that it becomes stuff with a sauce kind of meal which is fine and pretty filling but it's not soup anymore. (and it's got lots of preservatives which i tried to avoid before! argh!)


I shouldn't complain when I don't have to cook all that much but under most circumstances, I truly enjoy cooking and sometimes feel like i'm not allowed to cook... that and it can sometimes suck down our food money really fast because all those things are expensive!  sometimes i almost wish I HAD to be gluten free  (which my MIL really probably should be...) so I would have a more solid excuse to cook healthier food... 

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That's tough.  We travel a lot, and eating well on the road/at people's houses is really hard.  We always get over-sugared, and too many preservatives.  Everyone gets sick, and rashy, and blah.  So, when we get home, no one has the energy to do it right.  Just when we get it back under control, off we go again, and there it is.  I'm trying SO hard to have some self-control, but I'm seriously lacking in that department.  However, I was reviewing our budget, and realizing I'm going to HAVE to figure this out.  Paleo for 7 people, for $150 a week.  ;/  And the oldest kid is almost 9, so their appetites are just going to be getting bigger.  Eek!


I think maybe dh and I will eat paleo, and maybe I'll still give the kids rice and potatoes?  Those are cheap and round out a meal nicely.  And, I think I'm going to make a pregnant self plant a big garden this year.  We have issues with flooding, and fire ants, so I'm not sure it's cheaper overall by the time I'd addressed those things.  Sigh.


House of Peace...I know exactly what you mean.  It's nice to be able to discuss raw life with people who are living it in the same vein.  Otherwise, it just sounds either like we are bragging in a weird way, or that we shouldn't have "brought this on ourselves", or that we are married to awful, selfish, abusive men (instead of just humans, who could write their own posts of disparity about us, I'm certain ;)).  None of the above three are accurate, and it is nice to just talk about life, and how to enjoy it best, without having to hedge all our comments to protect other people's feelings and perceptions.  We've been married for 12 years, and it has been a journey, but we both have grown SO much from our young selves.  (We were opposite of you.  He was 20 and I was 19.) 


I didn't know I was an extrovert until last year.  Seriously.  It explains a lot of my struggles.  I think introverts tend to get on the internet more because they are "safe" there, but I get on because there are PEOPLE.  I think maybe I felt so much less pregnant yesterday because I let myself have a little caffeine AND, I was running the kids around to various activities we just started, and interacted with real live people.  Today I have been in the house all day, just managing things.  (And, I got up with dd4 instead of dh last night because he left really early for work, and that wears me out.)

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My dh is the oldest of 8. I'm the oldest of 7. We are expecting our 4th. And we'll be having as many children as we're blessed with. We're lucky to be in a community/faith where it's common to see very large families, but I'll still get those comments from the OBs and random people who see me with the 3, 2, and 1yo. Just wait until I start showing, hm! People can be so rude!

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