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Return to work

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I had my first day back at work today. For you mamas who decided to go back to work, how has this gone for you if you have already returned? It was easier for me than I expected, but I still missed Will terribly. I actually enjoyed pumping (!!!) as a way to do something for him even while we were apart. I totally get the decision to stay at home.
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It looks like your post might have been missed, so I'm bumping it up for attention. :bump: Anyone else have experiences going back to work to share?

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I went back to work today, was a long 12 hour shift. Was a lot easier than expected, it felt like I hadn't been away, apart front my aching legs, feet and back lol I didn't really miss liv while at work coz I was just too busy, but when I got home I just wanted to see her and cuddle her straight away. I can understand why some mums stay at home, but I did really enjoy being back at work, not just being a mummy.
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I've been back at work for a week. It's. ... everything. It's great in some ways. It's terrible in a million other ways. Childcare has been really stressful, which makes me wish I could just stay home, but for the sake of my career and our finances, it's not really an option. Hopefully we'll find a rhythm.
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Serena, that is impressive -- 12 hours! Both to Serena and Mrs and Mrs, what's your childcare arrangement? W starts daycare on 4/1. Until then his grandma is watching him. I feel lucky he has such a caring person looking after him who even texts me when he does something new. That and the fact that W is so content and having fun with g-ma when I get home from work has definitely made my transition easier. Even so, I hear you on wishing I could stay at home.


Another unexpected and positive side effect of working with a baby at home: I am able to avoid letting work stress me out like it used to before I got pregnant. I find myself much more able to have healthy work/home life boundaries ever since I learned I was pregnant, and that seems to be carrying over into my work now that W is here. I'll take it!

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I'm lucky, my DH isn't working at the moment so he's looking after him. When he eventually finds a job we will probably have to use daycare.
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we have a really, really complicated childcare thing. it is so complicated and dramatic it kind of makes me want to stab something. i cant even... sigh. it's stressful. 


i am a lot more productive bc i have learned to savor every moment. there's that!

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I've been back for a month. Its going pretty well but pumping is wrrying. I want to reduce the volume I pump because my freezer is exploding but i don't want to reduce my supply by too much. I've been pumping 17-20 oz a day at 3 sessions of 8 minutes. I'm worried pumping a shorter time will create a foremilk problem. I'm worried if I pump 2 times a day my supply will plummet.
My husband watches her while I'm at work so that is nice. I'd have a hard time if I had to leave her in daycare.
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Gardengrrl, I just realized you are EP. That's dedication. Pumping is hard work and with worrying about supply dropping its got to consume your thoughts at times.
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I went back November 1. Work is a wonderful break for me. I love my job, haha. And I work in a high strung place so I'm glad I have an excuse to take a break and pump twice a shift, haha.
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I pump 3-4oz in 20 minutes. I'm also taking something to help my supply. I'm so envious of people that can pump that much...
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I know I'm lucky but oversupply creates its own problems. Pumping is quite a delicate balance.

I totally like having an excuse for a break too.
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I'd much rather have too much than not enough though. Not being able to pump enough makes me feel inadequate, like I can't even do the one thing I was made for... feeding. It just sucks and takes a huge toll on my mental status.

We just finished our 2nd feeding in 6 hours. Oy.
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That would be hard for me too. You are doing great. I hope the medicine from the dr helps.
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