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Book Reviews

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Anyone interested in receiving books for review? We often get requests from publishers so I'd be glad to make arrangements for members of this group to receive review copies with the understanding that reviews would need to be written in our Reviews section. If you are interested just let me know. :)

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Love it! What a wonderful way for members to get free ooks!

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Thanks for the opportunity Cynthia! I have sent you a personal message regarding my interest. I think we can organize the reviews in a way that they can standout and be a reliable and valuable source for Mothering readers.

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I would be very interested in receiving books to review. Please let me know what additional information is needed to get this started. Thanks for your kind offer.
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We are still working out the possibilities but I'm glad to know thre's some interest.


If we are to encourage book publishers to provide review copies for the group members we need to get some active conversations going on about books. So I suggest you start by posting reviews and discussing them. Maybe lists of your favorite books for readers of different age groups. :thumb

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Hi. I would love to help with reviews. I am also an author and could possibly ask my publisher to have her kids books submitted here for reviews? I am sure a few of the authors (myself included) would be happy to even send a hardcopy free if it will be reviewed by a great group of moms. I am not sure how this would all work but I love books, writing and encouraging kids literacy so let me know! Thanks.

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I am interested, too, as long as you wouldn't need me to finish reading the book(s) and post the review right away. It took me a few months to read "The Plug-in Drug". Thanks, Cynthia!

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Thanks for your interest everyone! As Cynthia mentioned, we can begin by posting our reviews in this group and generating discussion. I will mark on my calendar to post a new review every Wednesday. If any of you would like to join in then maybe you will choose a day of your own. We can also discuss what Mothering members may be looking for in a review. We can address these needs by and coming up with a format to follow when we review books.My inspiration is the site: http://www.commonsensemedia.org/. They have sections, such as "What's the Story?" "Is it any Good?" "Explore,Discuss, Enjoy" and "Book Details" that help guide the review and offer a familiar format for the site's readership. Do you have any ideas?

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I would like to start posting reviews, weekly if possible, but I realized I haven't started yet because I don't know where to begin. Would anyone like to help by searching book titles on the Mothering website and starting a list here of children's books Mothering has pages for that don't have reviews yet? Then we could see which books we have at home or available at the library that we could read, review, and post about.
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I can also suggest new titles that are just coming out, which I can get from my publisher would that be of interest? How do books get added to the Mothering site anyway? Should I just list some children's books right here? I am also happy to do a Tuesday Review. Where should I post? Thanks!
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TheGivingTree, while I am not the one who started this thread and I do not work for Mothering, I would guess that when you write a review, you would do something similar to this: search Mothering for the book title, find the page Mothering has about it, click the add a review link (or something like that), and add a review. That way it'll show up under Reviews, and when you're done you could link to it in this group too.
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