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Yeast infection

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Ughs. So ever since the amoxicillan I've had a yeast infection. It clears up some then comes roaring back. At least in this pregnancy it's not causing bleeding but in past pregnancies each time I got one and it did cause some bleeding.


I am taking probiotics like crazy and about a week or so ago did garlic suppositories. It cleared up for a few days but here we are again.


I know that sugars and starches are my enemies and will admit that the brownies with chocolate chips my kids made are not my friend. My problem is that I am majorly hungry at all times, and mostly vegan so despite that I know starches can screw with my gut I eat them and cutting back is hard.


Any suggestions??

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Tea tree suppositories worked wonders for me. Hugs to you!
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Okay will try. Hate putting things up there... not far enough up and they fall out too far up and hard to get out or I worry about it being near cervix / baby space.



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Aw I wish I could be of some help. I know my SIL (this may seem a little weird) swears by using some of her homemade yogurt down there! She normally goes off sugars and stuff too since it just feeds it but I can understand having a hard time giving that stuff up right now!! I hope you heal up soon!!! They are no fun. I haven't had one during a pregnancy before but I can imagine it is much worse! 

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I'd be wary of overdoing it with probiotics and measures to counterbalance the yeasts because too much in the other direction can be just as bad.

Cutting sugar to stop feeding the yeast is probably your best bet. At this point, I'd probably be desperate enough for a pharmaceutical remedy.
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I used to get very frequent yeast infections and found the easiest, simplest cure for me was a gentle douche of diluted hydrogen peroxide or vinegar. Say, a capful in a cup of warm water, 1-2x a day for a few days until it went away... I did try garlic suppositories as well and it may have helped, but I also disliked leaving it there/worry about it getting stuck/falling out, etc. But, when it got to the swollen/bleeding agony stage I would go for pharmaceutical... though being pregnant I would rather not - though, perhaps best to get rid of it and let the tissue heal before birth?


That said, I haven't had one in years now and believe there were two real solutions: 1) not wearing underwear whenever possible.... (I don't generally wear pants, so, uhm, lots of fresh air!) and 2) my husband..... apparently was carrying the little buggers too, and finally we treated him too. I think we may have been passing it back and forth, because no one has had it since.

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Yeah I am wondering if I should get the non natural stuff just to give the areas chances to heal as this has been going on about a month back and forth now.

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As awful as yeast is being pregnant it is so much worse to have a newborn with thrush and yeast.  I swear the Target brand probiotics are the best.  The Up&Up brand and the box is just less than $20- I double the dose.  I would also go a course of Monistat this close and ELIMINATE sugar/simple carbs.  I also would go only 100% cotton undies because I think synthetic make it worse (and for me pantiliners make it a million times worse).  

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I would be aggressive and get rid of that yeast infection before pushing a baby out of irritated tissues ASAP! Try Monistat or Yeast Arrest brand boric acid suppositories! Good luck!
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Thanks all. We'll grab some Monistat tomorrow and get it taken care of.

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BTW - that stuff burns like nobodies business (got Monistat 3)


I'd rather mash up raw garlic and put it on an open wound. :)


That is all.

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Looks like you already got the OTC stuff (BTDT, know what you mean!), but for future you could try boric acid suppositories (just buy empty capsules and a small container of BA and fill them yourself). One every night, clears up in a couple of days. What has also worked is alternating a baking soda bath and vinegar bath every night until resolved. Good luck, hope the monistat clears all :) 

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NO! The mono stat burns me too and makes me burn. I had to jump in the shower once and cried for an hour!
Did you try the tea tree oil?
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