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I am interested in those as well.  Flip is the one that stood out to me for some reason a while ago.

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Hi! I'm pregnant with my first child and plan to CD!


What is your stash like? 

No stash yet but I have registered for 6 Bumgenius cloth diapers. I have the flips, the hook and loop, and the snaps. There are so many kinds it is so confusing!!!! I also registered for 20 diaper liners and 30 gerber cloth diapers. Honestly, have no clue what I'm doing!! 
What's your favourite kind?

My friends that CD recommended the bumgenius so that's what I am going with. 

What's your washing regimen like?

Not sure yet. I found this article extremely helpful http://www.goinghometoroost.com/2013/simple-living/everything-i-know-about-cloth-diapering/

What kind of detergent? Home made? Recipe?

Charlie's soap


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We cloth diapered my son, but that was 13 years ago. You really couldn't go online and learn a ton and order all kinds of diapers from all kinds of places. I even kept my favorite covers from him since at the time they were such a treasured find! How times have changed. We had a diaper service, it was amazing. We won't this time, so even though I have cd before I feel like I am just learning all this. I think we used disposables when traveling.

My current stash is about 30 newboarn/infant size all in ones. They were given to me used from a friend. She keeps telling me not to buy any since she'll pass on the next size when we get there. I'm a little hesitant to count on it since there is no way to know what size each baby will be and when, but more hesitant to spend money. She loves her bumgenious covers that grow with baby so we'll probably end up buying some things. Hopefully the all in ones will work for us for the first size round.

I guess we will have to be washing every couple days. I plan on having a bucket with one of those carbon filter tops to help with the smell, it works for the compost bin, and one of those wet bags inside. I hope to have a couple of the bags. Hopefully we'll have one of those things on the toilet to spray down the diaper. I'll have to work out the washing system, adding vinegar, how many rinses etc. to see how our washer does. I plan on using the Costco Eco-friendly soap we have been using unless it doesn't work well enough or she is sensitive to it.
I am happy that the weather will be warmer to line dry outside. We'll see how next winter goes. If the diapers don't dry well inside when it's chilly out we may have a problem.

Other things- I am so impressed with all the sewers. Once I discovered Etsy I lost all motivation in the sewing department. I got 60 2ply flannel wipes with served edges. If that's not enough I'll order more. (Doing the math now I think I should) Thinking I might try to use them for me for family cloth for when I pee (tmi?) and save on the t.p. especially if I am already washing cloth diapers. I also ordered 2 wet bags for the diaper bag but might need to order a third if I start using one for me in the bathroom. I will need to get a container for them and figure out a gentle cleaning solution for them. I plan on either having a few soaked in the diaper bag or a a few dry with a spray bottle- maybe both since getting stuck without enough could be a disaster.
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I started EC with my second son, and since he learned to poop in the potty at like 6 weeks, it occurred to me that cloth diapering was not so scary if it was just pee! I bought some Gro-via (he was almost 6 months) and some SoftBums because I liked the idea that they grow with baby and you don't need multiple sizes. I had 2 Softbums, and their Velcro started to crap out within like 4 months or less. I was not impressed! Grovia, on the other hand, has been awesome and has been very durable. I got their AI2 system, with the thought that we could re-use shells. We did, but really only like twice. But overall, they have lasted really well and are easy to use. After starting to get some amonia smells in the dipes, I got their detergent, Tiny Bubbles, at a seconds sale, and have never had the problem again. I have not tried their fitteds, prefolds, or wool. Diaper swappers dot com is a great place to get used, and Grovia will definitely last and are worth getting used. They are pretty expensive new, but they do grow with baby and can be used for future babies. I have to say that I didn't love having the snaps possibly rub on their skin when set to the larger setting, but as long as they are wearing pants or leggings over them, that is not an issue. Just something to watch out for in the summer.

My question--since I have never CD'ed a newborn, how many do you really need? And don't they outgrow the NB stage quickly? Is it worth investing in NB size dipes? I bought a few when on sale (like 6), but do I need more? Can I just use my regular Grovia on the smallest setting? Or maybe I buy some small prefolds to use under those covers I already have? My first two were boys, 8lbs7 and 8lbs6, so they did not use NB sized clothes very long at all. But, this is a girl, so maybe she'll be smaller?..,
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I used a service for the newborn stage, so I don't know numbers, either! I'm going to get some of the NB sized pods for the SoftBums because they can totally be used as extra absorbency later. 

My son never fit in newborns and was in 12M clothes at 12 weeks so I'm with you! Hard to plan :)

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I've always had larger babies so I learned with my first to skip anything labeled "newborn".  You can always place an online order the first day if baby comes out extra small.  :)  That's another reason I'm not buying much of anything past 6 months size (clothing) because I have no idea what seasons will fit with what sizes for this girl...

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Good point, Gizzy! I guess we'll just make do with what we have. We can always buy some sposies if necessary. smile.gif Yay, another thing I am going to stop worrying about!
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I cloth diapered both of my boys now ages 9 and 4 and will be cloth diapering this time around too. I am really looking forward to it! 


What is your stash like?

I have a variety of diapers and my collection has only grown over the years. I love the GroVia and think those are my favorite hybrid diapers especially when out or traveling since I can use the disposable liners if I want to and not worry about laundry. I like the idea of reusable shells so I've gotten some Gdiapers too but haven't tried those yet. I have many friends who love them.

I haven't count how many diapers total in my stash but I'm pretty sure I have close to 40 if not more. Prefolds are great for the early months. Don't like them so much when babies get older. Prefer something easier to change. My husband also hates prefolds so we don't use many of those!


What's your favourite kind? Grovia and Bum Genius (I used Bum Genius mostly at night!) and I double layer the inserts for extra absorption.

What's your washing regimen like?
I like washing every 3-4 days or longer if I can. 

What kind of detergent? Home made? Recipe?

We wash with homemade laundry soap or Ecos when out of homemade one.

Homemade recipe: Equal parts of Washing Soda and Borax and a bar of shredded castile soap. Sometimes I add essential oils but prefer not to when using it for cloth diapers.

Anything else?

We installed a small sink hose (you know like the ones that kitchen sinks normally have on the side) next to our toilet so we can rinse out poopy diapers right there and only put the diaper in the pail without any poop! Much cheaper solution that those expensive sprayers Bum Genius sells! and extends our need to do laundry a bit.

I really prefer snaps over velcro, it's soooo much durable and doesn't get dirty or hairy like velcro does.

I prefer sun drying my diapers and actually love that part of cloth diapering. It's like my zen time, being outside, hanging diapers on the clothesline!! CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!

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@merialiss we used gDiapers last time and will again. I really like the setup because you don't need many covers and the waterproof liner really stops leaks from even getting on the cover. They are also nice to be able to use the disposable (flushable/compostable) insert too for out and about or traveling or even night time because they seem to hold a bit more than the inserts. they were actually the first cloth diapers we ever tried and we liked them so much we stuck with it. My husband also hated any other types of diapers with snaps (because I know some complain about the velcro) because he said the snaps were too time consuming and confusing.

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I used cloth with my DD from a month on and we'll be using the same stash as last time (actually less because I inherited a lot of girly diapers which I will sell because we are having a boy).


What is your stash like?

We used gDiapers mostly last time and liked them a lot. So I have about 8 small covers (which roughly fit NB to 4 months) and with 18 inserts. and then I have about 15 mediums (about 4months until potty trained in our case last time) and 30 inserts. mostly because I inherited so many from another mom. we have a few alvas and sunbabies because I wanted to try some out but if anything we only used them at night. my husband hated having to do any snaps and my other family members who watched my daughter (since I work outside the home) thought they were too confusing. our velcro has held up perfectly so we're set for this time around! we also used cloth wipes that I made from flannel and some from fleece.


What's your favourite kind?

gDiapers. I like how trim they are (because they are sized diapers, which we only needed small and medium though they do go up to XL now I think) and that they are velcro which is easier for other care providers not used to CDing (husband, family and babysitter). I love that they have a separate cover, waterproof liner, and cloth or biodegradeble/flushable insert. so you don't go through many covers at all. I usually rotate between two diapers throughout the day. I will have one stocked and ready. when I go to change the diaper I put the insert in a wetbag and wipe out the liner with a cloth wipe and let it air dry. and then put the second fresh diaper on. but you can reuse the liner and cover over and over until baby has a really messy one so I really like that. and they also have a biodegradeable/flushable insert for traveling or out and about that's really convenient. I like that it is not a typical disposable go to a landfill forever. they did a study where is completely decomposes within like 28 days or something.


What's your washing regimen like?
I typically wash every 3 days with that amount. I just do a soak or prewash, regular wash and 2nd rinse. 

What kind of detergent? Home made? Recipe?

I used homemade detergent last time (borax, washing soda, fels naptha) but since then we have started using soap nuts for regular wash - anyone tried that with diapers before?

Anything else?

we had a diaper sprayer and liked it!

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oh and we also started ECing around 5months and my daughter was out of diapers during the day by 17m. so hopefully we have the same luck this time around!

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If anyone is looking for more absorbant affordable liberally sized fitteds. Sunseedlings has great prices and also has a sale that is going on until tomorrow
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This will be my third baby, second time CDing!

What is your stash like?
So far I have 36 prefolds, 3 nb bummis covers, 3 snappis, 1 thirsties cover, a diaper sprayer, and 2-3 pocket diapers. I need a few more things wink1.gif

What's your favourite kind?
I love prefolds!

What's your washing regimen like?
I like to soak the heavily soiled ones in a bucket with bleach and lavender overnight, then I'll ring them out and throw in the washer with tide.
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This is our first baby also and I have been super excited to cloth diaper!
Unfortunately, our daughter was born 7 weeks premature (but doing wonderfully; has been home for two weeks now!) and didn't fit in any of the cloth diapers I had bought. She finally fits in my GroVia newborn AIOs :D They don't all fit just right, yet, but getting there. Some fit better than others, but I'm just happy we're closer to getting OUT of the sposies!

What is your stash like?
Mostly GroVia. I absolutely LOVE the hybrid ones! And good thing that is what I mostly bought as she is a heavy wetter and they're really absorbent. I also have a few FuzziBunz (the new ones), Thirsties, and a lot of Sunbabies.

Good thing I had a decent stash started by the time she came. I go through a lot; this girl is a pee and pooping CHAMP, lol!

What's your washing regimen like?
I wash every other day; toss 'em into my front loader and either sun dry or lay on the drying rack in my dryer.
I use a wet bag and a wet pail.

What kind of detergent? Home made? Recipe?
All--Free and Clear

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